Researchers have found that dopamine-producing neurons are connected with the brain’s circadian center. more >
A Wisconsin firm is offering employees the option of having a microchip implanted under their skin to open doors, buy snacks in the cafeteria or log onto company computers. UVA bioethicist Rosalyn Berne said the technology was inevitable. more >
Big challenges in health care, robotics, social issues and more require big data analysis. UVA’s Data Science Institute is leading the way. more >
The free, online intervention is designed to help people suffering from anxiety and depression break the cycle of negative thinking and envision brighter outcomes for the future. more >
UVA’s Blandy Experimental Farm, a research and learning facility in the northern Shenandoah Valley, serves dozens of scholars and tens of thousands of visitors each year. more >
UVA alum and Charlottesville High School superstar teacher Matt Shields, who built an engineering curriculum from the ground up, says teachers must give up the idea of being “the experts in the room.” more >
A public benefit company, inspired by a UVA civil and environmental engineer, is delivering clean water in a very small package to users around the world. more >
The virus, first isolated in hot springs in Yellowstone National Park, has a huge variety of potential uses, from precisely delivering drugs to creating earthquake-proof building materials. more >