Drugs received during and after surgery can lead some patients to opioid addictions. UVA researchers have found that using fewer opioids can actually lessen the post-surgical pain that patients experience. more >
Clinical trials for Lacripep, developed at the UVA School of Medicine, begin in March. The new drug may offer new relief for patients and a new revenue stream for the University. more >
Medical School researchers found a rare type of immune cells in an unexpected place, and their findings may have major implications for neurological diseases and injury. more >
Tim Cunningham, a UVA alumnus, is a former actor, clown and emergency room nurse. Since returning to Grounds in August as a professor, he has been making his students think – and laugh – as he strives to impart lessons of unity and humanity. more >
The University of Virginia-Virginia Tech Carilion Neuroscience Research Collaboration is funding research teams from the two institutions to tackle pressing problems in brain development and function in health and disease. more >
New approvals from the Board of Visitors Strategic Investment Fund will provide resources supporting the ongoing fight to end childhood diabetes, plus four other initiatives. more >
Graduate nursing student Elizabeth Hundt is exploring how the design of an old federal psychiatric hospital may hold importance for the architects of modern health care facilities. more >
Can’t sleep? A study shows that the effectiveness of a cognitive behavioral therapy-based online solution, developed at UVA, was similar to that found in trials of therapy delivered by health care providers. more >