Malaria remains a deadly problem in equatorial regions of the world as the chameleon-like parasite that causes the disease develops resistance to multiple drugs. more >
A new academic affiliation with the Inova Health System Foundation will include a research institute and a School of Medicine campus in Northern Virginia. more >
The study compared patients in Michigan, where Medicaid expanded, and Virginia, where it did not. more >
Spanish is the most spoken non-English language in the U.S. To address that, UVA grads and EMS volunteers Marc Blatt and Sabhi Singh created a curriculum so that first responders can better communicate with their Spanish-speaking patients. more >
In this era of team-based care, UVA nursing and medical students are learning, side-by-side, about one another’s roles, strengths and responsibilities. The result? Better collaborators, and a safer, more holistic approach to patient care. more >
Associate biomedical engineering professor Kimberly Kelly wowed judges at UVA’s Galant Challenge with her startup’s ambitious plan for a new cancer treatment that has already shown very promising results. more >
The researchers have discovered a biological control switch that they may be able to use to produce platelets outside the body and to help premature infants with a common – and serious – health condition. more >
A phenomenon observed in clocks in 1665 also explains how the body times the replacement of disease-preventing cells in our guts – which could help doctors determine when best to give drugs, cancer treatments, probiotics and vaccines. more >