The researchers have proven that they can establish immune cells called macrophages in the brain without radiation, which many scientists had believed to be impossible. more >
Biochemistry researcher Sanchita Bhatnagar received a $300,000 Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award for her promising work on an array of brain disorders that impact girls. more >
Almost 14 percent of infant deaths occurred when a parent was not present, according to a new study. more >
A drug already used in heart imaging may reduce or even prevent a common cause of organ rejection among lung recipients, UVA research suggests. more >
An innovative solution to a national problem may lie in the way drugs are administered, UVA researchers say. more >
Merging engineering with medicine, doctors are using three-dimensional printed skulls to prepare for surgery, assist in medical education and to practice techniques. more >
A UVA radiologist is harnessing the power of advanced visualization technology to better inform patients and train health care professionals. more >