Researchers will use the funding to build an astonishingly sophisticated computer model of the disease. more >
Flu infections can lead to pneumonia that kills up to 40 percent of people who develop the condition. more >
Statistician Karen Kafadar is developing new techniques for understanding the difference between length of diagnosis and length of life regarding cancer screening. more >
The award, from Virginia’s governor and the Science Museum of Virginia, recognizes Petri’s pioneering research in the field of gastrointestinal infections and their consequences for children in the developing world. more >
The researchers examined 24 different lab testing methods and found wildly inconsistent results, some of which could lead to additional treatment and expense for dialysis patients. more >
The study, conducted by UVA economists, is already being used by state Sen. Creigh Deeds and other lawmakers to better tailor mental health services in Virginia. more >
In the first of a two-part series, learn how the state’s vocational rehabilitation program increased participants’ earnings over time and if it reduced enrollment in Social Security and disability benefits programs. more >
A new study shows that federal funding for UVA’s medical research surged by about 25 percent, from $101.2 million in 2015 to more than $126 million in 2016. more >