The heart’s scaffolding, the “extracellular matrix,” is important to determining how well heart cells function – but is little studied. Until now. more >
UVA’s Dr. Rachel Moon and Dr. Fern Hauck discuss a sweeping new international study on the link between breastfeeding and SIDS. more >
UVA researchers have discovered that about 10 percent to 15 percent of prostate cancers and lymphomas have a certain genetic flaw that makes them particularly susceptible to chemotherapy and radiation – which are not always the first-choice treatments. more >
Unlike previous uses of focused ultrasound that employed the technology to destroy unwanted tissue, the new study is attempting to use the technology to help evoke an immune response. more >
Meeting as a group for the first time, members of a new UVA institute began planning for action to mitigate infectious disease risks. more >
UVA’s Dr. Jenilee Lawrence appeared on the University’s Facebook page to talk about flu season and what steps people can take to avoid getting sick. (Hint: get a flu shot.) more >
After every surgery, a team of technicians painstakingly scrubs every surface of the operating room before the next patient is wheeled in. Making that process more efficient is making a huge difference in the UVA Medical Center. more >
The small study found that patients with Parkinson’s disease saw improvement in their tremor after being treated with focused ultrasound, and researchers are calling for a larger trial to confirm their findings. more >