UVA researchers are revolutionizing solar cell technology by speeding the design process for materials that are efficient and stable over a wide range of temperatures, while remaining inexpensive to produce in large quantities. more >
Three students launched a payload of instruments by weather balloon for an astronomy project. Thirty miles and three hours, 40 minutes later, they’re eager to do it all again. more >
Females accounted for approximately one-third of UVA’s engineering graduates in 2015 – a proportion that, according to The Washington Post, topped a list of 90 major public universities and state flagship institutions nationwide. more >
University of Virginia chemical engineer Gaurav Giri’s crystals research may lead to transparent computing machines and television screens on panes of glass. more >
Student-led start-up Agrospheres is about to change the way the agriculture industry does business. It is promoting a new product that safely degrades toxic pesticides in a matter of hours. more >
Instead of putting a single canary in a coal mine, why not have several, each one capable of responding to a different poisonous gas, thanks to a switch in its genetic code? That’s the idea behind a cybersecurity system that a UVA-led computer science team is developing. more >
The Vice President for Research honored three long-time and prominent members of the faculty – a biochemist, a cardiovascular surgeon and an infectious disease researcher. more >
Physicists have uniquely combined tools to create an imaging methodology that could enhance the way medical conditions are diagnosed. more >