Engineering professor Nicola Bezzo is seeking to develop cybersecurity safeguards for autonomous systems, from driverless cars to military vehicles. more >
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe came to Grounds Tuesday to cut the ribbon for a solar array atop Clemons Library and hailed UVA’s leadership in promoting sustainable energy. more >
UVA is at the forefront of a growing campaign to build awareness and action around the importance of reactive nitrogen as a lesser-known component of climate-forcing greenhouse gases and a major contributor to acid rain, dead zones and smog. more >
Still relevant in the modern era, UVA’s Amateur Radio Club is ramping up membership and providing services from emergency and athletics communications to satellite tracking. more >
University of Virginia astrophysics student Bridget Andersen, who has been analyzing X-ray emissions from galaxy clusters, has been awarded a prestigious Goldwater Scholarship. more >
Using Soviet-era spy satellite photos and more current satellite imagery, UVA environmental scientists are examining changes to the Siberian tundra. more >
Biology major Nayla Labban and biomedical engineering major J.C. Panagides received prestigious Beckman Scholarships that will allow them to continue pursuing their research interests. more >