UVA’s masters of the universe presented themselves well to fellow astronomers at this month’s annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society in National Harbor, Maryland. more >
The $27.5 million investment will fund research to eliminate barriers to mining “big data” for breakthroughs in medicine, smart technologies and many other areas. more >
A new study is the first to assess long-term changes in freshwater salinity and alkalinity across the United States. more >
The University’s Presidential Fellows in Neuroscience are gleaning insights to brain and nervous system disorders from a span of disciplines. more >
NASA and other federal agencies requested advice on how to use Earth-observing satellites over the next decade. A UVA scientist served on the panel that today released its recommendations. more >
Two UVA graduate students are behind an initiative to prepare their peers to help inform science policy, and even to seek possible careers in the field. more >
A quarter-century after a devastating earthquake, many people in Gyumri are still living in shipping crates. Leon Yacoubian is working to change that. more >
Diagnosing autism promptly can make a huge difference in a child’s development, but it may be challenging for some families to find a professional qualified to do so. A new approach being developed with the help of a UVA expert is helping broaden that pool. more >