How does the same type of CT scan used to check human bodies for abnormalities apply to climate change science? Here’s how. more >
The study, led by UVA researchers, drew its conclusions from data from 246,000 students in grades four through 12 at 109 schools across Maryland. It is the only study of its kind to report rates of bullying measured over an entire decade. more >
For 16 years now UVA’s physics department has hosted a National Physics Day Show to encourage interest in physics. This year’s show is Wednesday. more >
Katya Gilbo, whose father had her study waves with cellphones and distill soft drinks, believes in sharing the wonders of science. more >
Engineering professor Nicola Bezzo is seeking to develop cybersecurity safeguards for autonomous systems, from driverless cars to military vehicles. more >
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe came to Grounds Tuesday to cut the ribbon for a solar array atop Clemons Library and hailed UVA’s leadership in promoting sustainable energy. more >
UVA is at the forefront of a growing campaign to build awareness and action around the importance of reactive nitrogen as a lesser-known component of climate-forcing greenhouse gases and a major contributor to acid rain, dead zones and smog. more >
Still relevant in the modern era, UVA’s Amateur Radio Club is ramping up membership and providing services from emergency and athletics communications to satellite tracking. more >