A public benefit company, inspired by a UVA civil and environmental engineer, is delivering clean water in a very small package to users around the world. more >
The virus, first isolated in hot springs in Yellowstone National Park, has a huge variety of potential uses, from precisely delivering drugs to creating earthquake-proof building materials. more >
The VA-NC Alliance has been so successful, the National Science Foundation has awarded it a $5 million grant for its next five-year phase, which will include expansion of member organizations and opportunities for underrepresented students. more >
Defending Ph.D. dissertations on the same day at the University of Virginia, a husband-and-wife team is carving a new niche in hydroinformatics, a merging of hydrology and computer science. more >
A new University institute, dedicated to improving environmental resilience, will connect diverse disciplines on shared goals for bettering the future. more >
The moon will eclipse the sun on Aug. 21. An astronomer with an outreach mission is planning workshops and other activities for the public. more >
Brown Residential College’s traditional Hauntings on the Hill is getting a helping hand and fresh ideas from an engineering professor and local youths participating in a Computers4Kids summer camp. more >
Photo Essay
After the mass construction and distribution of “bee hotels,” environmental scientists at a UVA field station are learning about the dynamics of bee populations in Virginia. more >