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New Book Examines Nixon’s Illegal Actions Before Watergate

In “Chasing Shadows,” Miller Center historian Ken Hughes details how and why Richard Nixon ordered a politically motivated break-in years before the better-known scandal that engulfed his presidency.

Workers Discover Fire Debris in Rotunda Wall Cavity

Tin-coated iron shingles from the original University of Virginia Rotunda dome appear to have survived within the building’s walls following the 1895 blaze that heavily damaged the iconic structure.

U.Va. Undergrads Try a Slice of Each Other’s Research

Research interns at the University of Virginia presented their projects and celebrated each other’s summer-long work as the last weeks of their internships come to a close.

U.Va. Study: A Third of U.S. Low-Wage Workers Are Only Earners in Household

Among U.S. hourly workers, who comprise 56 percent of the workforce, almost a third earn less than the $10.10 rate President Obama proposed as the federal minimum wage in his 2014 State of the Union address.

Meet U.Va. Grad Kim Dylla, Heavy Metal Seamstress

She majored in studio art and minored in computer science at U.Va. Her first job was with U.Va.'s Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, helping to digitally recreate ancient Rome. But her passion? Rock 'n' roll.


Teaching & Learning

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Law School Seminars Explore Ethics, Morality Through Popular Literature and Film

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What can Marlon Brando and John Steinbeck teach future lawyers about how they go about their work? Informal, one-credit seminars use books, films and simulations to explore the concepts of legal ethics and morality.

Public Service

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For NICU Parents, Skype Provides the ‘Next Best Thing’

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A pilot program at the U.Va. Medical Center keeps parents in touch with their babies, and their babies’ caregivers, when they can’t be at the bedside.

Research & Scholarship

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Study: Needs Far Outstrip Public Mental Health Services in Central Virginia

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Economist Steven Stern found that Region Ten, the only option for those who cannot afford private mental health care, faces at least twice as much demand as it is serving.

University News

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Listening to Nature: A Sound Artist Takes His Place Among Biologists

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Since nature often serves as an artist’s muse, each summer, U.Va.’s Mountain Lake Biological Station hosts an artist-in-residence. This year’s guest is Stephen Vitiello, a nationally renowned sound artist.

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U.Va.'s Innovation in Pedagogy Summit 2014: Teaching with Technology Q&A

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