Third-year student Rees Wilson curates exhibitions for Charlottesville’s WriterHouse. On December’s “First Friday,” she shares May graduate Lauchlan Davis’ Grounds-themed paintings with the community. more
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Pretzel the cat’s adventures around Grounds are adorable, but even more heartwarming is his family’s love for Pretzel’s late owner, former professor Bernie Morin, and the University where he taught for 34 years. more >
The program is dedicated to facilitating the emergence of a new generation of leaders who bring a commitment to self-reflection and compassion to the work of making a difference in the world. more >
UVA assistant media studies professor Meredith Clark teaches a course on “Black Twitter” that has, in part, led to a $1.2 million research grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. more >
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Samuel V. Lemley created an award-winning collection that supplements the genealogical record of his Sicilian ancestors, including a record of the Great Comet of 1819, tales of the bubonic plague and a handwritten Christmas homily. more >