2010 in Review: University Comes Together to Reflect, Serve, Entertain

In the closing days of 2010, UVA Today looks back at some of the University's top stories of the past 12 months.

December 22, 2010 — Much of the value of bricks-and-mortar higher education comes when people gather, in the classroom and beyond.

Some of the University of Virginia's gatherings beyond the classroom in 2010 were particularly valuable. The Day of Dialogue examined University community members' responsibilities toward one another. In an annual mission, 260 Medical Center volunteers offered health care to those in remote areas of Southwest Virginia who don't have access to medical care and who may not have health insurance. A film festival drew record crowds, who were both entertained and informed.

Here are a few of the University events that made news in 2010:

'Dateline NBC' Anchor Recounts Tales of Her Heroes at Conference on Women Leaders (Feb. 19)

Hundreds Receive Health Care at 2010 Remote Access Medical Clinic
(July 26)

U.Va.'s Curry School to Host National Consortium of Higher Ed Institutions (Sept. 21)

U.Va. Volunteers Donate a Day to the Community (Sept. 23)

Day of Dialogue's Events Provide Time for Sharing, Healing and Moving Ahead (Sept. 26)

'Car of the Future' Visions Include GM's 'EN-V' and Rifkin's 'Third Industrial Revolution' (Nov. 9)

It's a Wrap! Film Fest Drew More Than 23,000 Attendees; Ticket Sales Top $90,000
(Nov. 9)

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