Not satisfied with the Revolutionary War narratives he found, Pulitzer Prize-winning history professor Alan Taylor has written his own, expanding beyond the genre’s usual bounds of time and geography. more >
Applying private-sector marketing techniques to school communications can increase chances of student success, according to an article by Curry School of Education assistant professor Ben Castleman and co-author Jo Skillman. more >
Immunotherapist Dr. Daniel “Trey” Lee comes to UVA with plans to target aggressive cancers through clinical trials, giving new hope to children for whom conventional treatments are not working. more >
Filmed entirely in Virginia, “Loving” is already an Oscar frontrunner for its portrayal of Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple whose fight for the right to marry resulted in a landmark Supreme Court ruling. more >
James Perla produces “Maps, Magic and Medicine,” a podcast that brings together many voices on ecological and cultural diversity in the Amazon region, including some from indigenous people and some from UVA. more >
Christopher Doley helped negotiate a $20 billion payout from BP and is now leading restoration efforts in five states and the Gulf of Mexico. more >
Professor Emeritus Richard Crozier, who will release a book of paintings Saturday, paints Charlottesville from the front seat of his Volkswagen, where he has created thousands of paintings spanning more than four decades. more >