With each new advance in technology, older digital scholarship is in danger of becoming obsolete and inaccessible to future generations. A UVA-led coalition, APTrust, is creating a vast new digital repository system to prevent that from happening. more >
Understanding the complex, genetic basis of resistance to viruses could one day lead to new therapies that manipulate the immune system to fight illness. more >
Three Curry School of Education researchers describe the origins of the gifted gap, and suggest some ways it can be closed. more >
Pulitzer-prize winning author Marilynne Robinson, who has written extensively on faith and religion in public life, will give a series of public lectures at UVA. more >
New Barbie dolls feature a variety of body shapes, skin tones, eye colors and hairstyles. Several UVA observers weigh in on whether the changes will matter to customers – legions of mothers and daughters. more >
Pamela Sutton-Wallace, CEO of the UVA Medical Center, said the Health System is honored to receive the award because it is the community saying they have been good partners, a partnership that they have worked to build over the past few years. more >
Public policy and psychology professor Ben Converse discusses his research on the impact of rivalries on human behavior – and how that relates to Tuesday’s rematch against the Virginia Tech men’s basketball team. more >
UVA economist Lee Coppock explains why the 4.9 percent unemployment rate announced Friday might not be as great as it sounds and why economic growth is so slow that it has some talking about another recession. more >