Biology major Nayla Labban and biomedical engineering major J.C. Panagides received prestigious Beckman Scholarships that will allow them to continue pursuing their research interests. more >
Darden alumna Carolyn Miles leads an organization that provides nutrition, health, education and other services to 165 million children in 120 countries. more >
The course, “Professional Responsibility,” features a competitive game in which teams of law students weigh potential ethical challenges buried within everyday business decisions. more >
To capture some sense of the self at this post-modern moment, several contributors take on various cultural perplexities bound up with some of our widely shared attitudes, preoccupations and often-unrecognized norms. more >
Religious studies professor Vanessa Ochs explains why we depend on rituals and how they have evolved to include more women, welcome the LGBTQ community, and accommodate those who declare themselves “spiritual but not religious.” more >
The University’s Office for Diversity and Equity will honor third-year Jefferson Scholar Attiya Latif and Dr. Randolph Canterbury, senior associate dean for education in the School of Medicine, with the Casteen diversity award on Friday. more >
Neurologist Javier Provencio explains new advances UVA is making in the treatment of brain aneurysms and how our brain reacts and prioritizes certain stored information after an injury. more >