The documentary, produced in conjunction with Community Idea Stations, details the 1976 presidential election held in the aftermath of both the Watergate scandal and the nation’s bicentennial. more >
It was nothing but net on Sunday evening, when former UVA basketball star Ralph Sampson and his family scored $25,000 for UVA’s Cancer Center on “Celebrity Family Feud.” more >
Since being appointed a federal judge by President Obama in 2010, Carlton W. Reeves has overseen several high-profile cases, including one in which he sentenced three men who killed a black man and proclaimed “white power.” more >
With two new coaches forging new bonds between the programs, UVA tennis is seeking to make an existing strength even stronger. more >
Professor Christine Mahoney is building a network of investors large and small to help refugees and their host communities achieve sustainable economic prosperity. more >
Holland was recently appointed president of Afghanistan’s most prestigious university after more than a decade of work restoring higher education across the country. more >
Carson, who produced a 34-song rap album for his dissertation, hopes his work will inspire conversation not just about hip-hop, but also the racial tension and violence America continues to grapple with. more >
Malaria remains a deadly problem in equatorial regions of the world as the chameleon-like parasite that causes the disease develops resistance to multiple drugs. more >