Also in this roundup: recognition for the Health System’s maternity care and wound care transition hospital, professional awards for two professors and selection of two English department faculty members for prestigious teaching professorships. more >
UVA researchers have identified a molecule that plays an important role in battling pneumonia. It might offer a new venue for treating antibiotic-resistant pneumonia infections. more >
Four students working this summer in South Africa on the construction of a water filter factory are sharing their experiences in a series of essays for UVA Today readers. Here is the first of their stories. more >
Styling himself as the jive-talking “Professor Bebop,” retired middle school principal and UVA alum Dave Rogers has been spinning records at UVA’s WTJU since 1973. more >
Photo Essay
The statue of Thomas Jefferson returned to the Rotunda Tuesday as the building’s two-year renovation process draws near its end. more >
For the first time, students and teachers from around the country are using an online platform to meet virtually in a Mandarin language classroom, in a program fundedby the U.S. government and hosted by UVA. more >
Author of “Confronting Political Islam: Six Lessons from the West’s Past,” politics professor John M. Owen discusses the recent unrest in Turkey, where tensions between secularism and Islam are at play. more >
Informed by history, modern architects and builders are finding a new way to make the UVA founder’s preferred flat roofs as functional as they are historic – meaning they won’t leak this time. more >