Ten years ago, students fought hard to revive a dance program begun shortly after women were admitted to UVA. Today, the dance minor is thriving, attracting students from all corners of the University. more >
Researchers will use the funding to build an astonishingly sophisticated computer model of the disease. more >
Radio-wave wireless data networks have their limitations. Electrical and computer engineering professor Maite Brandt-Pearce and her former Ph.D. student, Mohammad Noshad, are marketing an alternative. more >
His charge is to shape and direct UVA’s collaborative research and scholarship portfolio and to advance the University’s research infrastructure and support services. more >
The best-selling author and award-winning actor, screenwriter, director and producer will discuss his life in the arts during an event that is expected to draw about 5,000 people to the John Paul Jones Arena. more >
Cadets in the University of Virginia ROTC programs are helping active-duty military members and their families by sponsoring a blood drive on Grounds. more >
New mitochondrial and nuclear DNA testing of prehistoric skeletal remains provides “the best evidence of a social hierarchy in the ancient Southwest,” according to UVA archaeologist Stephen Plog. more >
The ITA National Indoor title was the Cavaliers’ sixth overall in the tournament, setting off a wild celebration at the Boar’s Head Sports Club. more >