Cian’s research explains how road signs can improve reaction time or why ads showing emotions on the bottom half of the screen perform better. With a new lab at UVA’s business school, he’s helping students unlock secrets of the human mind. more >
Working with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, UVA environmental scientists have created an online calculator for people to realize how their individual choices affect the health of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. more >
A large new grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities will spur further advances to Neatline, a UVA-developed digital platform that uses mapping technology to advance research in the humanities. more >
Morgan Stearns, whose coach says was mature enough for college as a high school freshman, is the rock that anchors the Cavaliers’ defense. She’s also active on Grounds, where she earned a major award in the spring. more >
RICHMOND — State auditors have cleared the University of Virginia of accusations of creating an alleged $2 billion “slush fund.” more >
Founded by UVA alumni and employees, Random Row Brewing Co.’s claim to fame is transparency. The brewing operation is located right in the taproom and beers are tapped directly from the large stainless steel tanks. more >
Educating clinicians and the community on the benefits of palliative care is becoming an increasingly important initiative, as the treatment approach can improve the quality of life for patients who are dealing with life-limiting conditions. more >