Jeff Jernigan walked onto the Cavalier track and field team, and graduated as one of the best pole vaulters in school history. Next up: Navy flight school. more >
UVA alum and Charlottesville High School superstar teacher Matt Shields, who built an engineering curriculum from the ground up, says teachers must give up the idea of being “the experts in the room.” more >
Sections of the University of Virginia’s Long Walk – a historic pathway stretching from the Rotunda to the far reaches of the Corner – are being examined by archaeologists as they are uncovered and repaved. more >
The University will purchase the entire output of a proposed 120-acre solar facility in Middlesex County. Combined with a previous agreement, solar energy will met about 21 percent of UVA’s energy demand. more >
A public benefit company, inspired by a UVA civil and environmental engineer, is delivering clean water in a very small package to users around the world. more >
UVA’s oldest student society has long been cloaked in mystery. In a new book, two law students are revealing what their exclusive research into the society’s 30,000 documents uncovered about the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society. more >
The virus, first isolated in hot springs in Yellowstone National Park, has a huge variety of potential uses, from precisely delivering drugs to creating earthquake-proof building materials. more >
Lindsay Hinz’s costume design career is on a roll. She has already designed Broadway costumes for three years, and she’s a top 10 finalist in one of America’s quirkiest contests – the 2017 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. more >