Faculty members presented research on preventing strokes, shoring up cybersecurity defenses, addressing gender imbalances in corporate leadership, using neuroscience in marketing and more. more >
The artificial pancreas aims to automate blood sugar control for people with Type 1 diabetes. more >
Understanding the big picture cultivated a new passion for macroeconomics in fourth-year Clement Bohr, driving him to move away from a family tradition of physics and towards a Ph.D. in economics. more >
The annual grants offer graduate students an early opportunity to mentor undergraduates, and give undergraduates an experienced partner to aid in the pursuit of their reserch goals. more >
Curious about the recent rise in food allergies among children? University of Virginia allergist Dr. Alice Hoyt addresses common questions and where we go from here. more >
Michelle Bonsu is heading for a job as a labor and delivery nurse in Fairfax. She is taking her favorite, stress-busting hobby with her: high-end baking. more >
As an undergraduate student, Daniel Naveed Tavakol has conducted and published biomedical engineering research and taught a course. Now he will continue his investigations in Switzerland as a Whitaker Fellow. more >
The 1828 Collection represents Jefferson’s vision for education at the Law School. Supported by the Jefferson Trust, the books will be made freely available online. more >