The clinic’s client, Gary L. Bush, who served 10 years of a 12-year sentence after being wrongly convicted of two bank robberies, received two writs of actual innocence from the Virginia Court of Appeals. more >
Brian C. Seymour is a physics and math major whose research may help to establish a better understanding of gravity in the search for a unified theory among all the four forces in physics. more >
The Cavalier football program is employing unique data models created by engineering students, some of whom are contemplating careers in the burgeoning field of sports analytics. more >
This summer, three UVA students will use Critical Language Scholarships to intensify their acquisition of languages in countries the State Department has deemed to be “crucial” to U.S. interests. more >
The Darden School of Business professor will support a partnership with the Inova Health System and oversee programs offered by Darden, the McIntire School of Commerce and the School of Professional Studies, among others. more >
Also in the roundup: An autism researcher is honored, three from the University are tapped to focus on disparities in health care, really helpful law students receive an award, the Special Collections Library is hailed as “incredible” – and more. more >
Commission members include faculty, staff, students and community members, who will begin their work this fall under President-Elect Jim Ryan. Four national, local, student and alumni boards will advise the commission. more >
The class president spoke for nearly 12 minutes about the meaning of family and home, sharing the heartbreaking story of his mother’s battle with cancer and how it helped him find a second family at UVA. Did he really do it without notes? more >