Gretchen Steidle’s Global Grassroots organization integrates mindfulness-based leadership, wellness practices and social entrepreneurship tools to foster conscious social change in Africa and on Grounds. more >
In his latest Reproducibility Project, UVA psychology professor Brian Nosek finds recreating highly influential cancer research is hard to do. more >
Miller Center historians look back at major inaugural triumphs and faux pas and share firsthand accounts of those momentous transfers of power from the administration officials who witnessed them. more >
The “Making a Murderer” star and UVA alumnus shared with School of Law students on Tuesday how truthful storytelling can be persuasive in court. Strang is a lecturer for the January term course, “Persuasion.” more >
Drugs received during and after surgery can lead some patients to opioid addictions. UVA researchers have found that using fewer opioids can actually lessen the post-surgical pain that patients experience. more >
UVA’s clinical nurse leader program, ranked second in the nation, allows those with at least a bachelor’s degree in another field to enter into nursing. Many would not be able to give up their current jobs without the Conway Scholarship. more >
The moves will bring more Virginians into the student body and provide grants of up to $2,000 for Virginia middle-income families. more >
The authors assessed data from 2011 to 2013 to determine that the Affordable Care Act resulted in an 8 percent increase in the diagnosis of early-stage colorectal cancer among U.S. seniors aged 65 and older. more >