Launched in 2016, UVA projected it would take about five years to leverage $100 million in matching dollars from UVA’s Strategic Investment Fund. Fifteen months in, nearly $93 million has been committed to this transformative initiative. more >
From cervical cancer in Nicaragua to cardiac disease in Rwanda, UVA’s Global Health Scholars will spend their summers tackling problems around the world. more >
Navy-architecture graduate Maribeth Salinas’s education has been well-grounded. After stepping down the Lawn in May, she’ll be taking flight in Florida. more >
They become the 37th and 38th members of the UVA faculty to win election to the prestigious academy, founded in 1780. more >
UVA researcher Mete Civelek and colleagues have identified a natural gene variation that significantly increases some women’s risk – but not all women, and very few men. more >
Alex Hickman did improv comedy with Second City. John Hickman toured with “Jersey Boys.” Somehow, they landed at UVA, and with a baby in tow, are preparing for what comes next. more >
What factors influence trust in technologies such as self-driving vehicles? UVA researchers are trying to find out. more >
Backed by UVA’s Global Health University Scholars program, the students are investigating the factors that affect human health, around the globe and closer to home. more >