The first student participants in Hoos Connected report feeling markedly more connected to their new UVA community than others. The program is inviting applicants for the spring semester.
Michelle Cusimano Vachris, who ranks first in career saves in the women’s lacrosse program, received a prestigious Silver Anniversary Award from the NCAA this month.
Stephen Farmer, vice provost for enrollment, said, “I hope the changes will help students remember there are more ways to demonstrate their strength than just earning a strong test score.”
A new January term course and podcast Friday called “Democracy in Danger,” being taught over Zoom by media studies professor Siva Vaidhyanathan and history professor Will Hitchcock, featured UVA President Jim Ryan last week.
The outreach is just one of many the Jefferson Trust has helped create over the years. The trust’s flash-funding grant cycle is currently taking place.
Jacob Shapero, an economics major and a graduate student in the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, said he loves to teach – and has learned to “embrace the suck” of difficult assignments.
UVA engineering professor Nicola Bezzo outmaneuvered the pandemic to build a better competition.
The usual number of about 1,000 students taking January Term classes this year has topped 7,000.