With Community Based Undergraduate Research Grants, University of Virginia students turn their academic attention to real-world situations, locally, in South Dakota and in Central America.
For generations, it’s been an honor to live in one of UVA’s historic Lawn rooms for most fourth-year students. Now students with special needs will get to share in that honor, too.
UVA Engineering students with dashed summer plans are now teaching STEM classes to local children on topics ranging from Harry Potter to crime scene forensics.
Rising UVA second-year student Sabian Beyon and his brother Jeffrey are hand-sewing masks to give back to their community.
The pandemic has kept many medical students from circulating in the UVA Medical Center, so they have found other ways to be helpful.
A national coaches’ association recognized Tomas Woldetensae and Austin Katstra, members of the reigning NCAA champion UVA basketball team, for their academic achievement – and then honored the whole team.
Like most things during the pandemic, UVA’s summer orientation program for students is very different this year. Here are some things students and parents need to know.
UVA students are part of a national wave of college students donating devices and tech support to senior and low-income patients. Locally, students are focused on the Charlottesville Free Clinic.