Frustration with a fountain that slowly dispensed warm water led a second-year computer science student to design a website that rates UVA’s water fountains.
A prominent Republican donor network is reportedly seeking an alternative to Donald Trump – which may play into Trump’s messaging, says a UVA expert.
UVA Health has unveiled a new 10-year strategic plan to improve access to care, grow its network and make the health system the “best place to work.”
Violence among teens often leaves their teachers reeling and in need of mental health support, says UVA’s Tish Jennings, an expert on teacher stress.
A Supreme Court clerkship is a golden ticket in the legal profession. A new study from a UVA law professor and colleagues finds the field is very limited.
The flu is gone, but you still can’t shake that cough? That’s not uncommon, says UVA’s Dr. Diane Pappas, a professor of pediatrics.
UVA football coach Tony Elliott has unveiled how the Cavaliers plan to honor the lives of the three players who were shot and killed in November.
“A really cute, fluffy dog” lured Christy Haney to the rugby club’s table at a UVA activities fair. Ten years later, she’s still playing – in Ireland.
U.S. presidents shape their public images by choosing which products they use and establishments they frequent, a UVA historian says.
Shareholder pressure is having an effect on executive pay packages, most visibly that of Apple’s Tim Cook, Darden professor Shane Dikolli said.
Reopening markets closed by COVID, especially in China, should improve the world’s economic outlook, the Darden School’s Rodney Sullivan said.
A new UVA research survey finds that nearly half of women report menstrual symptoms affected their work.
UVA law professor Amanda Frost weighs in on conflict of interest allegations facing U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.
Former UVA and pro baseball player Brandon Guyer has a theory about how Major League Baseball’s new pitch clock could improve players’ health.
While testosterone is essential for many body functions, boosting levels above the normal range is not necessarily better, a UVA Health physician advises.
UVA Health is partnering with Southwest Virginia health care groups to expand telehealth access in the area.
Meet Ken Ono, the math professor behind the UVA swimming team’s national success.
Take out your calendars: The Atlantic Coast Conference on Monday released the 2023 football schedule, including UVA’s.
Oxytocin is a bit overblown as a love potion, says a UVA psychology professor who helped discover the link between oxytocin and social behavior in prairie voles.
New state population estimates from the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service “contain more bombshells than one of those supermarket tabloids.”