Alumna Paige Taul, a Chicago-based filmmaker, discusses her “experimental nonfiction” films, which explore different forms of Black cultural expression.
A UVA researcher finds that small acts of kindness to others in the workplace can help people feel less cynical and more effective at their jobs, and combat burnout.
While we were social distancing, kids and teens not only grew restless, depressed, fearful and bored. They also put on pounds, UVA Health researchers said.
Two UVA Health pulmonologists and critical care doctors explain three types of long-term lung damage the can result from COVID-19.
UVA Health physician and White House COVID-19 adviser Cameron Webb and student activist Zyahna Bryant are finalists for EBONY magazine’s Power 100 awards.
A run-in with a car propelled UVA Ph.D. music student Brian Lindgren toward a new interest: designing and creating an electric viola.
In a commentary, media studies professor Aynne Kokas paints an alarming picture of U.S. policies protecting the data security of its citizens.
Staying up late may make it harder for your body to burn fat and could increase your risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease, research from UVA and Rutgers suggests.
UVA makes the list of 53 college campuses that “stun across the board … taking into consideration both architectural legacy and setting.”
Professor emeritus Gregory Orr offers advice on how turn turn your lists into poetry.
UVA Health is teaming with more than a dozen community pharmacies in Appalachia to help residents quit smoking and test the effectiveness of smoking cessation programs.
Law professor Deirdre Enright, founder of UVA’s Innocence Project, says the recently freed Adnan Syed “would be nowhere” without help from a popular podcast.
The struggle the nation is facing goes beyond political parties, though. And “unless and until enough people fight for, protect and build our democracy, the fever we see today will continue,” said Melody Barnes, head of the University of Virginia Karsh Institute of Democracy.
“Haitians want a Haitian solution to Haiti’s problems, but they are incapable of reaching a compromise,” said Robert Fatton, a Haiti expert at the University of Virginia who has written extensively about his homeland’s political troubles since its transition to democracy 36 years ago. “We are stuck in a dangerous, chaotic spiral, and all actors seem impotent and mute. Morbid symptoms are everywhere, but no obvious solutions. And now we may be battered by another storm.”
A genomic test being developed by a Charlottesville, Va., company can predict a patient's risk of developing severe COVID-19, new research from UVA Health suggests. That information could help doctors identify patients at high risk for poor outcomes and quickly begin tailored treatment.
The LENOWISCO Planning District Commission and the University of Virginia’s Virginia Flood Resilience Initiative are partnering on a flood resilience study.
For decades, this country has been educating the public about stroke, which appears to have made a difference, according to UVA neurologist Bradford Worrall.
UVA immunologist and COVID-19 researcher Dr. William Petri continues to answer questions about COVID-19.
School of Medicine Dean Melina R. Kibbe says support from the Leducq Foundation “could dramatically advance our understanding of heart disease and ultimately benefit patients everywhere.” 
UVA has been making improvements to the fan experience for game days this college football season, including the return of the “Wahoo Walk.”