Friday’s event in the Rotunda Dome Room recognized nine people for giving “every American more than any award could ever reflect,” Center for Politics Director Larry Sabato said.
Need a drummer? They can help you find one. Need a drum kit? They have those. Need a gig? They can set you up, too.
The benches, bearing names of individuals and one group, honor some of the groundbreaking pioneers at UVA.
Poor gut health can help breast cancer spread, UVA researchers have discovered.
Members of the UVA Community fanned out across the area to spruce up some parks, schools and nonprofits as part of the United Way’s annual Day of Caring.
Fall rolled into the Northern Hemisphere Thursday night. It may not be sweater weather yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream of that new Fair Isle jumper with this new stumper.
“Serial” host Sarah Koenig turned to Deirdre Enright, head of the Innocence Project, for some investigative help. UVA’s findings helped kick off the 12-part blockbuster podcast.
The Emmy Award-winning journalist dishes on her life at UVA, the highs and lows of her far-reaching career and her newest venture, Katie Couric Media.