As a child whose family was hurt by addiction, basketball was an outlet for UVA associate professor Joseph Williams. His life experiences are now a driving force behind his research.
It’s winter, and flu season. Can flu seasons be forecasted like the weather? Biocomplexity researchers are investigating.
Jonathan Moak completed a master’s degree in business analytics just two weeks before he interviewed for the top financial position in the U.S. Army.
New York Times Magazine reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones, who leads the publication’s 1619 project, joined President Jim Ryan for a conversation at the Rotunda on Monday afternoon.
UVA Engineering was tapped in 2018 to spearhead the $29.7 million Center for Research in Intelligent Storage and Processing in Memory to remove a roadblock caused by outdated computing architecture.
A weekly ritual in which student-athletes and coaches discuss a book has been a key to the UVA men’s lacrosse team’s success, both on and off the field.
The National Institutes of Health awarded UVA $146.3 million in fiscal year 2019, up $25 million in a single year.
Katie Kishore lost her husband, Kris, to cancer two weeks after their second daughter was born. Kishore is starting Kindness Cafe + Play to honor her husband and employ people like her daughter Kiran, who has Down syndrome.