Lt. Col. Suzanne Cobleigh leads a FEMA-deployed U.S. Army medical team that supports U.S. hospitals overwhelmed by COVID.
The program is now open in two Charlottesville neighborhoods with high rates of chronic diseases and shorter life expectancies.
Aynne Kokas, UVA professor and published author on U.S.-China relations, previews the next event in the “Democracy Dialogues” series.
In looking at the 40-year return on investment for students from low-income backgrounds, UVA was the nation’s top flagship university.
Dr. David Schiff, a UVA Cancer Center expert, co-chaired the blue-ribbon panel, which updated the guidelines to reflect tremendous progress in treating brain metastases.
“This exhibit is but a small token of my gratitude for the opportunity to give voice to the ghosts of yesterday,” wrote Ian Solomon, the pavilion’s current resident.
A UVA professor’s long-standing love for the Bible has led her to authorship of an audio book that explores intriguing questions about the sacred text.
Alumna Danielle Collins, who won two NCAA titles during her time at UVA, is making some serious noise at the Australian Open.