In the 1940s, a mother and daughter attended UVA’s School of Law together. Here’s how their lives unfolded.
Biomedical engineering professor Jason Papin and his research team are developing computer models that can predict cells’ behavior, giving us important information about how infections spread, how antibiotic resistance grows and more.
The bioethicist and anthropologist believes community-building tactics – like those used in Canada and Europe – can help opioid users in the U.S.
Financier-turned-activist William Browder, called “Russia’s Most Wanted Man” by The New Yorker, started his global fight against corruption after his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, died in Russian custody.
Midway through this year’s Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign, four nonprofit leaders discuss the impact that UVA employees’ gifts are making on the community.
Research has shown that the study of art increases medical students’ capacity for reflection, tolerance of ambiguity and awareness of personal biases. The Fralin Museum of Art at UVA is putting that into practice.
As his friends gather this weekend to celebrate the poet-indie rock musician’s life, they took some time to share memories of their creative ringleader.
UVA faculty and students are taking part in the Equity Center’s “FAFSA Parties,” which help local high school students and their parents complete financial aid forms and understand the college application process, with assistance offered in Spanish and English.