The Weldon Cooper Center provides its latest population estimates for the state, and some results are atypical.
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A UVA glacial geologist reflects on a recent dramatic break from an Antarctic ice shelf.
2022 media studies graduate and NBC page Micah Rucci made a surprise appearance on the legendary show with former page and superstar Aubrey Plaza.
Dr. Costi Sifri, a central figure in UVA’s public health response to COVID-19, takes one stress-relieving hobby to the extremes.
UVA’s model apprentice program opens the future and prepares graduates for roles in the global economy, officials say.
On Thursday, groundhogs both famous and lesser known will offer their furry forecasts for our Grounds and beyond.
The School of Law fared well in new Princeton Review rankings, while biomedical researchers have located potential drug targets for the No. 1 cause of death worldwide.