The School of Education and Human Development is partnering with local school districts to find solutions to the national teacher shortage.
School of Medicine researchers say their understanding of the complex relationship between pain and progesterone could lead to new treatments for migraines.
The 2023 increase placed the UVA School of Medicine among the top 20 public medical schools in National Institutes of Health support.
Activities surrounding National Girls and Women in Sports Day brought fans, young and old, to cheer on the Hoos and celebrate a legend.
Law professor Paul Stephan of UVA’s Miller Center describes Alexei Navalny as a nationalist opposition leader who increasingly annoyed Russian leader Vladimir Putin.
UVA School of Nursing graduate Betsy Peyton’s home care program meets patients where they are.
UVA researchers say political polarization could inspire neighbors to sell their houses and relocate.
Kinesiology researchers hope to identify the optimal dose of physical activity after surgery to reduce early-onset osteoarthritis.