An early fascination with American jazz music, and the discovery of a Jewish equivalent in Europe, sparked a career in the growing field of Jewish studies.
In the growing field of environmental justice, assistant professor Kimberly Fields studies how government and community responses can make a difference in addressing issues of environmental inequality.
Marija Vucelja, who has a love for all things science, will use a prestigious NSF award to quench her curiosity – and that of children.
As a child whose family was hurt by addiction, basketball was an outlet for UVA associate professor Joseph Williams. His life experiences are now a driving force behind his research.
After researching how impact investment can combat poverty around the world, Batten School professor Christine Mahoney is looking to tackle issues closer to home.
The neurobiologist says the key to beating Alzheimer’s might be preventing it before symptoms start.
Esther Poveda Moreno, who grew up in Spain, teaches “Writing for Social Justice and Change,” a Spanish class in the Civic & Community Engagement Program.
Historian John Edwin Mason discovered his academic muse in an unlikely place: Eastside Speedway in Waynesboro.