Carson, an assistant professor and a recording artist, focuses his UVA courses on race, rhetoric, literature and performance.
Citron’s impact on her students began even before she stepped foot on Grounds as the Jefferson Scholars Foundation Schenck Distinguished Professor in Law.
Professor Christopher Krentz struggled to envision a future for himself after he began losing his hearing at the age of 9, but he came into his own after learning American Sign Language and making deaf friends.
Rupa Valdez, an associate professor at the University since 2013, has dedicated her career to working with people living with disabilities and chronic health conditions.
Intimidated by math? Versatile UVA professor Karen Parshall might be able to help you overcome your fears – with history lessons.
“It’s not necessarily about having the most efficient algorithm,” Tassone says of data science. “It’s about the creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit that people bring to solving problems.”
Associate professor of biology and psychology Xiaorong Liu has developed a retinal imaging technique to aid in early diagnosis of glaucoma, the world’s leading cause of blindness.
Writing may not be a vaccine, but Charlotte Matthews has found it cures some of what ails us in this protracted pandemic. See how she helps School of Continuing and Professional Studies students find their voices.