Biweekly, Online Time Sheets Coming Sept. 14

August 14, 2009 — The University of Virginia will switch to the new Self-Service Time and Leave program starting Sept. 14, putting most employees on a biweekly payroll.

Classified staff, University staff, research assistants, wage employees and student workers who report hours worked and/or leave taken will fill out a timesheet online by logging into the Integrated System Employee Self-Service program.

University Human Resources has set up a schedule of demonstrations (see below) to familiarize employees with the new tool. They also can go through an online tutorial by clicking on one of the Systems Simulations; however, some Macintosh users may not be able to access the simulations, though they will be able to use the actual system. Other information is also linked at this Web site, including frequently asked questions, a pay calculator and training for timekeepers.

Instead of signing a paper timesheet, managers will approve time using the Integrated System's Manager Self-Service platform, where they can view employment information for the employees who report to them.

Teaching and research faculty, administrative and professional faculty and research associates will not use the new system for their own time, but will have to use it if they supervise employees.

Some departments that already use another system to track time, such as areas within Facilities Management, will keep using that system.

In the 14-day pay cycle, paychecks will come out every other Friday. The paychecks will be less than they were in the old payroll cycle because employees will receive 26 paychecks per year instead of 24 or 12. Annual salaries do not change.

In addition to going to the Self-Service Time and Leave Web page, employees can e-mail or call 924-4350 for information.

A previous UVA Today article detailing the new system is online here.

Self-Service Time and Leave System Demonstrations

Aug. 18 8-10 a.m. Newcomb Hall Commonwealth Room
Aug. 18 10 a.m.-noon Newcomb Hall Commonwealth Room
Aug. 27 1-3 p.m. Newcomb Hall South Meeting Room
Aug. 27 3-5 p.m. Newcomb Hall South Meeting Room
Sept. 1 8-10 a.m. McKim Hall Auditorium
Sept. 1 10 a.m.-noon McKim Hall Auditorium
Sept. 3 1-3 p.m. McKim Hall Auditorium
Sept. 3 3-5 p.m. McKim Hall Auditorium

There will also be open labs during the first payroll period, Sept. 14 through Sept. 28, where people can go and get help entering their time. Details will be announced later.

— By Anne Bromley