Brain Science is Data Science

May 30, 2023
UVA Data Points | A Data Science Podcase

This episode explores the intersection of neuroscience and data science with three experts in the field, Drs. John Darrell van Horn, Tanya Evans, and Teague Henry. As we know, the brain is complicated. People have been charting paths through the brain for decades, making breakthroughs and discoveries that have changed the world. In recent years though, new methodologies in brain research have made significant impacts. Advances in computing power, as well as techniques like machine learning, neural networks, and computer vision, have allowed researchers to ask questions and make discoveries that were not possible even ten years ago. Given these new approaches to studying the world’s most complicated organ, one could say that brain science is data science. Our guests make a compelling case.

Media Contact

Monica Manney

Communications Manager School of Data Science