Chancellor Street to be One-Way Only Starting Aug. 9

July 28, 2010 — The City of Charlottesville is converting Chancellor Street, near the University of Virginia, to one-way traffic as of Aug. 9.

Chancellor Street, which connects Rugby Road with University Avenue, currently carries two-way traffic from Madison Lane to Rugby Road. From Madison Lane to University Avenue, it has been restricted to eastbound traffic. Beginning the week of Aug. 9, only eastbound traffic will be allowed on the entire length of Chancellor Street.

Jeanie Alexander, Charlottesville’s traffic engineer, told residents via letter that the move was being taken to "address traffic safety concerns." An edge line will be added to the street designating a separate travel area for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The city will monitor traffic conditions over the coming year and assess whether additional changes are necessary.

For information, contact Alexander at 970-3720 or