Craig Littlepage Included in Book of Black Role Models

May 20, 2010 — Craig Littlepage, director of intercollegiate athletic programs at the University of Virginia, is featured in a  recently published book, "Real Role Models," written by Joah Spearman and Louis Harrison Jr.

Early in the book, the authors write about "Successful African-Americans Beyond Pop Culture." Littlepage and Bernard Muir, formerly the athletics director at Georgetown University who now holds a similar position at the University of Delaware, are featured in chapter 28.

The book channels Martin Luther King's vision of an America without racism, prejudice and inequality into a single concept: role models.

The authors say they "have tried to capture many of the experiences, perspectives and thoughts of people who, like President Barack Obama, are following in King's footsteps." Most of the role models are not civil rights leaders or politicians; they are men and women who are trying to make a difference by making something of themselves professionally, modeling what it means to be successful and reaching back to help others along the way, they said.