Exceptional Student Receives Alumni Scholarship

May 1, 2024 By Anna Bennett , amb7yjt@virginia.edu Anna Bennett , amb7yjt@virginia.edu

A University of Virginia student who helped reshape the University’s honor system is being recognized for her contributions.

Carson Breus, an Echols Scholar majoring in commerce and Asian studies, has won the Sky Alland Scholarship, covering next academic year’s full tuition and fees. The award recognizes Breus’ achievement, leadership, enterprising spirit, humility and devotion to the University.

As vice chair of UVA’s Honor Committee, Breus leads and coordinates sanctioning panels for honor cases. She was instrumental in a recent rewrite of the committee’s constitution, which was ratified by students in a referendum.

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Breus has also impressed those at CAV Angels, a nonprofit entrepreneurial investment organization where she works as a venture intern. UVA alumnus Rich Diemer, her CAV Angels mentor, nominated her for the award, describing Breus as “one of the engines enabling the amazing growth and development of our organization.”

In her free time, Breus regularly tutors 40 student-athletes and has served as an ambassador for the Jefferson Trust.

“Carson has lent her leadership to make profound contributions to diverse University organizations ... all while excelling academically,” Ruthe Haile, who chairs the Sky Alland Scholarship Endowment, said. 

The Sky Alland Scholarship is named for J. Schuyler Alland, a 1979 graduate of UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce and entrepreneur who built a successful national marketing research company. Alland died in 1992.

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