First Virginia Film Festival Travel Program to Scandinavia in May

March 13, 2007 -- This May 12-19, the Virginia Film Festival will offer its first ever "Film Around the World" travel program, a cinema insider’s visit to Denmark and Sweden to explore the past and present world of Scandinavian filmmaking, from acclaimed auteur Ingmar Bergman to the influential Dogme 95 movement and its so-called ‘Vow of Chastity,’ to this year's two Oscar nominees from Denmark: Susanne Bier's "After the Wedding" and Søren Pilmark's "Helmer and Son."

The program, now open for registration, will be based in Copenhagen, one of Europe's oldest yet most cosmopolitan capitals. Participants will visit the Danish Film Institute and Danish film studios Zentropa (Lars Von Trier's studio) and Nordisk (the oldest in Europe); meet with Danish filmmakers, including Vinca Wiedemann and Lone Sherfig; converse with film scholars at the Danish Film Institute and the University of Copenhagen; screen the best of the Danish and Swedish films; visit the renowned film program at the University of Lund (Sweden); and much more. The trip will be led by Richard Herskowitz, a nationally renowned film programmer and director of the Virginia Film Festival since 1994, and Danish film scholar Anne Jesperson, a lecturer in film and television history at the University of Copenhagen.

To register or learn more, visit, call (800) 346-3882 or (434) 982-5313 or e-mail

The registration deadline is March 28.

This trip is offered by the Virginia Film Festival in conjunction with the Travel and Learn Programs for Adults, a program of U.Va.’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

About the Travel and Learn Programs for Adults:

U.Va. faculty and their colleagues from around the world lead U.Va.’s Travel and Learn programs -- short traveling seminars, open to all adults, that explore a wide variety of topics. Become a student again and this time, no grades!  New programs in 2007 include a June trip studying, “Virginia's Wine Legacy From Jefferson to the Present,” led by Monticello’s Gabriele Rausse, who has been called the father of viticulture in Virginia.  A July trip on “The History, Archaeology, and Architecture of Jamestown,” will be led by U.Va. archaeologist Jeffrey L. Hantman and a curator from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Learn more at