Fluvanna County's First Annual PRIDE Community Health Fair April 10 to be Interactive and Feature Family Fun

April 9, 2010 — A local nonprofit organization, headed by a University of Virginia doctoral nursing student, is holding its first annual community health fair in Fluvanna County April 10. A joint effort between Providing Resources to Inspire, Develop and Empower, Inc., and the New Fork Baptist Church, the fair will provide residents with quality health information and serve as a means to connect underserved rural, and diverse populations with local area health providers and resources. Supported by U.Va.'s School of Nursing and Office for Diversity and Equity, the fair will be held at the New Fork Baptist Church in Palmyra from 10 a.m to 2 p.m.

U.Va. doctoral nursing student Michael Carey, who is president of PRIDE, Inc., said he is devoted to making the health fair a fun and interactive family event. "We have lost far too many of our loved ones to preventable medical conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. The health fair serves as a call to action – one I hope will improve health-related behaviors and inspire future generations," said Carey, a young father and member of the community.

The goals of the health fair are to: increase personal health awareness; motivate participants to make positive health behavior changes; increase awareness of local, state and national health services and resources; and identify health topics/needs for future health programs.

An interdisciplinary health care team, including nurses, nursing students, nutritional experts, medical and chiropractic physicians, and search and rescue personnel will work with participants to provide a wide spectrum of health services, including blood pressure screening, diabetes monitoring, nutritional assessment, cancer education (prostate, breast, ovarian), lower back pain management and emergency response services (Rescue Squad and Fire Department). Screening and assessment results will help identify participants at-risk for medical problems and other serious conditions. Health fair participants will have the opportunity to follow up with local health care providers for future consultations.

Health fair participants will enjoy cooking demonstrations and food sampling, a push-up contest and raffles for free health-conscious gifts. A dietitian and a nutritionist will provide information about how people can eat healthier without feeling like they are giving up the flavorful food they enjoy. One of the nutritional consultants is New Fork Baptist Church's own First Lady, Shirelle Harris. A certified personal trainer will provide information about how to incorporate short but effective exercises into daily routines. Events for kids include a scavenger hunt, teddy bear clinic and talking with paramedics and fire fighters while exploring ambulances and fire trucks.

PRIDE, Inc., hopes to continue the fair annually. Participants will have the opportunity to fill out evaluation forms to determine if goals were achieved and to serve as a guide for future health fairs.

— By Diana Cummins

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