Forbes Names University of Virginia a ‘New Ivy’ in Fresh Look at Higher Education

June 17, 2024 By Jane Kelly, Jane Kelly,

Forbes recently unveiled a list called “The New Ivies” – institutions approaching the quality and prestige of an Ivy League education – and the University of Virginia is on that roster.

Here is the language the publication used to unveil the new list: “Forbes introduces the New Ivies – the 10 public universities and 10 ascendant private ones turning out the smart, driven graduates craved by employers of all types.”

This year, some of the nation’s traditional Ivy League schools have faced unwanted publicity and critical news stories, which led Forbes to ponder what other schools should be in the conversation about a top-tier education. Forbes used 2022 admissions data, the most recently available, and looked at schools where at least half of applicants supplied standardized test scores.

To further winnow the public-school field, Forbes only looked at schools with less than a 50% acceptance rate. Then came its survey of hiring managers. Forbes wanted to know what schools’ graduates are in high demand from top employers.

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It's closer than you think. University of Virginia Northern Virginia
It's closer than you think. University of Virginia Northern Virginia

“These 10 state universities, spread across the U.S., attract high-achievers and turn out hard-working, highly regarded employees,” Forbes said.

“We’re grateful that employers see in our students what we see in them every day – not only their sharp minds but also their good hearts and their willingness to work hard, together and individually, to do and be their best,” said Stephen Farmer, UVA’s vice provost for enrollment.

Other public universities besides UVA that made the list: Binghamton University; Georgia Institute of Technology; University of Florida; University of Illinois Urbana, Champaign; University of Maryland, College Park; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; University of Texas, Austin; and University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Forbes did not include military academies in its analysis. It also excluded California universities because they do not consider test scores (Stanford just announced it is reinstating the requirement for test scores).

This is the second recent national accolade for UVA. Earlier this year, U.S. News & World Report ranked UVA the No. 5 best public school in the nation and the No. 5 best public school for veterans.

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