‘Inside UVA’: Learn About UVA’s Judiciary Committee in President Ryan’s Latest Podcast

February 1, 2022 By Jane Kelly, jak4g@virginia.edu Jane Kelly, jak4g@virginia.edu

Audio: Inside UVA With Lauren Kim(13:58)

Lauren Kim has a lot of responsibility for an undergraduate student. She chairs the University Judiciary Committee. It is an entirely student-run body responsible for upholding the University’s Standards of Conduct. In this episode, she talks about how the judiciary body operates, how it differs from the Honor Committee, and how she choose her unusual double major in medieval studies and global security and justice.


Lauren Kim grew up in Singapore and finished high school in New England before matriculating at the University of Virginia in 2018. Now a fourth-year student, she chairs the University Judiciary Committee.

Kim is the featured guest on UVA President Jim Ryan’s latest “Inside UVA” podcast episode, which is available now.

A member of the University Judiciary Committee since her first year at UVA, Kim oversees the committee’s work to investigate and adjudicate alleged violations of UVA’s Standards of Conduct, which includes things like physical assault and unauthorized entry.

Kim, who is double-majoring in medieval studies and global security and justice, said working with the University Judiciary Committee has “taught me that accountability and compassion go hand-in-hand.”

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One thing Kim explains on the podcast is the distinction between UVA’s student-run Honor Committee and the student-run University Judiciary Committee.

“So, honor is lying, cheating or stealing. Very clear-cut,” she said. “[For the University Judiciary Committee,] we have 12 standards of conduct. I’m not going to go into each one of the 12, but very broadly, it’s promoting a community of safety, respect and freedom. That’s our mission statement.

“We’re a little bit different in terms of our jurisdiction and also outcomes. So, where honor has a single sanction, [the University Judiciary Committee] is multi-sanction. So, you go through a trial for guilt, and then the trial for sanctions. And with sanctions, you can get anything from community service to an essay.”

Ryan launched the “Inside UVA” podcast last semester, hosting people from a range of roles at UVA to share with listeners how the large public university operates. You can listen to his conversation with Kim and previous guests on most podcast apps, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts

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