ITC Warning on E-mail Phishing Scam Targeting U.Va. Students

May 2, 2008 — University of Virginia students are receiving scam e-mail messages about WebMail, which appear to relate to the ongoing student e-mail migration.

These e-mails are fake. The link points to a fake Web page that looks just like the real U.Va. NetBadge site, but will actually steal your U.Va. login and password.

The fake messages resemble the text below:

May 01, 2008.
Technical Update Notice:
We have just upgraded to the latest Webmail for your support and security. It is important that you login to your account immediately to make sure that your account information is up to date.
To login to your Webmail, follow the link below:
Click Here to Secure Your Account
Note that this message was sent to all University of Virginia Webmail users and it is mandatory to follow.
Kind regards,
Copyright 2008 University of Virginia
All Rights Reserved

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