Jefferson Trust Gives UVA President $125K to Use For COVID-19 Emergency Aid

Rotunda with statue of Thomas Jefferson standing

The Jefferson Trust has raised $125,000 in emergency aid for University of Virginia President James E. Ryan’s use in helping students, health care workers and patients amid the COVID-19 crisis.

The funds, raised in 10 days and spurred by a challenge grant from Trust Chair Ashley Manning, will go toward UVA’s Student Life and Leadership Fund, created to support students affected by the virus and the University’s closure, and the UVA Health COVID-19 Support Fund, which helps people in the health system, both workers and patients, in need.

“During this unprecedented time, we understand that the needs of the University are greater than ever. There is a grave need at the hospital, and the students’ needs continue to emerge,” Manning said. “The needs are real and extremely time-sensitive. As a result, the Jefferson Trust has come together to support President Ryan in his daunting task of handling the COVID-19 crisis.”

Manning notified the president and the University’s senior leader of the aid on Friday. The extraordinary sum comes after the Jefferson Trust had already fulfilled its annual commitment of $1 million in grants to innovative student and faculty projects, its primary mission.

The UVA Alumni Association founded the Jefferson Trust in 2005 to provide grant funding to initiatives that enhance the University and the student experience. Since inception, this donor-led organization has invested more than $8.9 million in student, faculty and staff ideas.

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