Photo Essay: Printmaking, Storytelling, Art (and Lego Bricks!) Highlight J-Term Slate

January 13, 2023 By Andrew Ramspacher, Andrew Ramspacher,

At the beginning of each January – and before the start of the spring semester – the University of Virginia provides students unique opportunities to earn credits by immersing themselves in a variety of captivating topics.

These January Term courses – from those addressing topics of current interest to study abroad programs to undergraduate research seminars – come with an intensive format that encourages extensive student-faculty contact.

UVA Today photographers visited some of this year’s intriguing J-Term classes. See below for some of what they captured.

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Special Topics in Printmaking on/of Paper

Instructor: Akemi Ohira

Department: Art

Description: This class explores alternative printmaking practices, paper manipulations and book arts.

Akemi Ohira showing a class how to glue binding
Ohira demonstrates to students where to apply glue for the binding, showing that if you glue the spine, it will not flex enough to open. (Photo by Sanjay Suchak, University Communications)
Close up of hands applying glue to a book binding
A student brushes glue on the boards for her book cover. The inside cover is then lined with wax paper to help bind the book. (Photo by Sanjay Suchak, University Communications)
Close up of four different types of book covers
The final step in the journey to make your own book is to lay it flat and press it under weights. (Photo by Sanjay Suchak, University Communications)

The Lego Course: Engineering Design and Values

Instructor: Benjamin Laugelli

Department: School of Engineering and Applied Science

Description: The course examines Lego as a premier toy manufacturing company engaged in engineering design, innovation and education.

Close up of hands building a red dragon out of Legos
A student uses Lego bricks from a box kit to build his own redesigned creation during class. (Photo by Erin Edgerton, University Communications)
Benjamin Laugelli working with a female student on their Lego rocket
Laugelli helps a student with her Lego engineering project, reviewing design elements and processes. (Photo by Erin Edgerton, University Communications)
Student showing her green Lego dragon design
Joy comes over a student as she presents her Lego build. (Photo by Erin Edgerton, University Communications)

Sound Production and Storytelling

Instructor: Nathan Moore

Department: Music

Description: This hands-on workshop course explores podcasting and creative audio storytelling from a maker’s perspective. Students plan, produce and publish a new podcast by the course’s end.

Left, Kalah Roché at a microphone practicing recording a podcast while classmates watch on; Right, Students sitting around the studio together
Students gather in a podcast studio to learn how to record during class at UVA’s radio station, WTJU. (Photo by Erin Edgerton, University Communications)
Group of students inside a sound studio
Students huddle around WTJU General Manager Nathan Moore as he demonstrates how to record a podcast. (Photo by Erin Edgerton, University Communications)

Introduction to Studio Art

Instructor: Amy Chan

Department: Art

Description: This introductory course – divided into drawing, conceptional and digital segments – covers the basic concepts and practices of studio art.

Amy Chan talking with students
Caption: Professor Amy Chan recaps recent themes covered in the class. (Photo by Dan Addison, University Communications)
Student hanging her work on a wall with other students art
Students share their work from a drawing assignment. (Photo by Dan Addison, University Communications)
Amy Chan presenting in a full well lit classroom
The class discusses the history of conceptual art while viewing projected examples. (Photo by Dan Addison, University Communications)

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