Photo Policy Changed for Calder Sculpture

Statement from Beth Turner, vice provost for the arts, on Calder sculpture

April 1, 2009

Alexander S. C. Rower, the grandson of Alexander Calder and director of the Calder Foundation, informed the University this afternoon that the intention of the loan agreement was not to prevent members of the public from enjoying the sculpture -- or from taking photographs of it.
He said that the Foundation's "intent is to make this beautiful sculpture available to the University community to enjoy. Students should feel free to photograph the work to their hearts' content, as long as those photographs are for non-commercial, personal use."
As the Vice Provost for the Arts, my charge has been to raise the profile of the arts across the University's Grounds. I cannot tell you how overjoyed I was when we received permission from the Calder Foundation to exhibit such an outstanding piece of American sculpture. Alexander Calder is considered one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century, and to have this work of art on public display in such a prominent outdoor space brings honor to our University.  
As part of the loan agreement with the Calder Foundation, the University was required to agree to install signage stating that no photography of the work be allowed without permission from the Calder Foundation. This was intended to prevent commercial usage of photographs not private. I am very pleased to report that the language on the signs will be reworded per my recent conversation with Mr. Rower.
It my hope that members of our community will enjoy the beauty of the Calder sculpture and take pride in the fact that the University was able to bring such a high-profile piece of art to the Grounds.
-- Beth Turner, vice provost for the arts