Relive the Weekend in This Video Snapshot of Jim Ryan’s Inauguration

October 24, 2018

Jim Ryan’s inauguration as the University of Virginia’s ninth president brought members of the University and Charlottesville communities together in celebration, uniting students, faculty members, alumni, employees, local residents and scholars from across the nation for a weekend of celebration.

On Friday afternoon, they joined Ryan on the Lawn, smiling with his wife, Katie, as they all witnessed him take the oath of office. The next day, they joined him in the streets of Charlottesville for the Community Bridges 5K Run/Walk, celebrating the new president with one of his favorite activities.

They came together to share groundbreaking research from UVA’s labs and classrooms; to hear extraordinary stories from students, faculty members and Ryan himself; and most of all, to share and participate in Ryan’s vision for the University as he laid it out in his inaugural address – a vision that believes in the power of progress and that relies on the power of its people to achieve that progress, step by step.

Relive it all in the video above.

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Anthony P. de Bruyn

University Spokesperson Office of University Communications