'Responsible Computing' Training an Annual Requirement

January 6, 2012 — An updated version of the "Responsible Computing Tutorial for Faculty and Staff," previously known as "IT Security Awareness Training," has been released by the Information Security, Policy and Records Office at the University of Virginia.

"Many staff and faculty have completed a version of this training at some point over the years, but only a small percentage have taken it within the last year," said Brian Davis, director of information security, policy and access. "Our office is implementing an automated process ensuring that University users complete the tutorial on an annual basis, keeping them up-to-date on information security and their roles and responsibilities."

Though all are welcome to complete the tutorial at any time, reminders will begin going out Jan. 10 via the NetBadge interface to staff members who have not completed the training within the last 12 months. Reminders will be activated based on alphabetically sorted computing IDs, a few hundred per day.

Staff members who receive the reminders will, upon logging into NetBadge, see a notice and a link to the tutorial. They may complete the tutorial immediately, or any time within a two-week grace period. At their first NetBadge login attempt after the grace period expires, they will be required to finish the tutorial before being allowed to proceed with the login to their desired Web application.

The reminder feature will be activated only for staff members in January.  Faculty are welcome to take the tutorial, but it is not required at this time. "We plan to roll out faculty-specific training in the spring," Davis said. "Faculty members will be reminded through the same NetBadge process."

Once the initial rollout is complete, staff members will receive similar reminders one year after their last completion of the tutorial.

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