Off the Shelf: George Michael

George Michael, assistant professor of political science, U.Va.'s College at Wise, "Willis Carto and the American Far Right." University Press of Florida.

Willis Carto (b. 1926) is arguably the most important radical conservative in postwar America. Best known as the founder of the infamous Liberty Lobby, Carto has shaped the far right's position on such issues as immigration, globalization, multiculturalism, Holocaust denial and the conflict in the Middle East.

Granted remarkable personal access to the notoriously reclusive Carto, George Michael has written a fascinating biography. Throughout his long political career, Carto has sought to unite the various movements that make up the far right. Toward that end, he has reached out to individuals from both the fringe and the mainstream.

Michael provides an account of the various publishing and organizational ventures in which Carto has been involved, including the Institute for Historical Review, The Spotlight, Youth for Wallace, the Populist Party, American Free Press and the political career of David Duke. The result is a captivating portrait of this dedicated, frightening and controversial man.