The Sound of Poetry: Three Student Voices

May 19, 2022 By Anne E. Bromley, Anne E. Bromley,

The Area Program in Poetry Writing for undergraduate students in the University of Virginia’s Department of English is graduating its 20th class this year. To mark the occasion, UVA Today asked three students to read their favorite original works.

The students include:

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  • Sonia Chandra, who double-majored in poetry writing and biology. After graduation, Chandra will become a researcher at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.
  • Joanna Clark, who pursued a double major in poetry writing and medieval and Renaissance literature. She’ll attend Syracuse University for a Master of Fine Arts.
  • Isabella Salcedo, who double-majored in poetry writing and linguistics. She will graduate in one more semester.

English professor and poet Lisa Russ Spaar, who founded and led the poetry writing program, now hands the directorship to associate professor and poet Brian Teare.

The Sound of Poetry: Hear ‘The Queen of the Hayden Planetarium’ by Sonia Chandra

The Sound of Poetry: Hear “all my family does is forget” by Jo Clark

The Sound of Poetry: Hear “Path of Least Resistance” by Isabella Salcedo

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