South Lawn Project Coming Out of the Ground

February 29, 2008 — The South Lawn Project's first structural steel was erected Feb. 21, a new, above-ground sign of progress.

Project director James A. Kelley said the steel work has proceeded smoothly since the first column was erected by an 80-ton crane with a 145-foot reach. Kelley said 15 ironworkers and machine operators are on site putting up the steel structures.

The steel work for the first building should be completed about March 17, according to Kelley, who said the second building's steel structure should be completed about three weeks after that. After the steel skeleton of the building is completed, the pre-cast concrete work will start in the summer.

Once the building structures have been erected, steelworkers will erect the steel frame for the pedestrian plaza that spans Jefferson Park Avenue between the South Lawn and New Cabell Hall.

A total of 1,200 tons of structural steel will be used in the buildings and plaza.

Kelley said the overall project completion is on track for November 2010 as planned.