Tip Sheet: U.Va. Demographers Can Provide Context for Virginia Census Counts Being Released This Week

February 3, 2011 — Within the next two days, Virginia's 2010 Census population counts at the local level, as well as data on race and residents of Hispanic origin will be available to the public.

As soon as the data is accessible, University of Virginia demographers at the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service will prepare analyses and tables condensing significant aspects of the data. Cooper Center demographers will also take questions and are available for interviews on request.

The release of this census information marks the first time that decennial census data does not include details on a number of topics, such as education, income, poverty, citizenship and commuting. That information is now provided annually through the American Community Survey, or ACS, also administered by the Census Bureau.

For information about the census and the American Community Survey, visit the Cooper Center website, or call 434-982-5581.

REPORTERS: For questions or comments, contact demographer Qian Cai (pronounced "Chien Tsai"), director of the Cooper Center's workforce and demographic unit, at 434-982-5581 or qian.cai@virginia.edu.

Media Contact

Rebecca P. Arrington

Assistant Director of Media Relations Office of University Communications