University to Increase Some Employee Parking Rates

April 09, 2013

Monthly rates in some of the University of Virginia’s prime parking lots will increase June 1.

Permit rates in several of the academic lot categories held steady from 2008-09 through 2010-11 during a pay freeze, according to Rebecca White, director of the Department of Parking and Transportation. But she said this year the rates on some lots must be increased.

“The lots that cost $41 a month are increasing to $43,” White said, “while the $52-a-month lots will go to $54 and the $90-a-month lots will go to $95.”

Parking rates will remain steady at $18 monthly in the more remote parking areas, including University Hall, Scott Stadium, Fontaine Research Park and Northridge. While those who park in these lots traditionally have been charged at a lower rate, fees there increased last year.

As an auxiliary organization, Parking and Transportation must generate enough revenue to cover its costs, and receives no taxpayer or tuition dollars. White said this year’s fee hikes are being driven by increased operating costs, including state-mandated pay increases, increased costs of benefits and necessary commitments to reserves. She said that other sources of revenue, such as special-event parking revenues, hold down the costs passed on to permit-holders.

“I know people get upset whenever there is an increase in parking costs, but we are keeping the rates as low as possible considering the costs and debt service we are handling,” White said.

She also noted that the University offers a variety of transportation alternatives, such as subsidized rides on municipal mass transit, carpool incentives, ride-matching services through Zimride, as well as a van pool from Waynesboro that has just started and a van pool from Richmond that is looking for riders.

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