University of Virginia Employees to Take Emergency Course Online

September 24, 2009

EDITOR'S NOTE: An extension has been granted to complete this training. The date for completion is Feb. 1, 2010.

September 22, 2009 — By Dec. 1, all University of Virginia employees must complete a 30-minute online course designed to help them understand how to plan and respond to hazards of all kinds.

Gov. Tim Kaine has directed, through Executive Order 44, that all state employees complete a Terrorism and Security Awareness Orientation course. To comply, U.Va.'s Office of Emergency Preparedness has produced its own online training module that satisfies the state requirement and is compatible with the culture of emergency preparedness at U.Va.

"It's important that we all know how to work in an emergency and be aware of safety and security around us," said Marge Sidebottom, director of emergency preparedness and author of the online module.

Sidebottom said the program focuses on four areas of vulnerability — natural disasters, human-caused situations, technological problems and hazardous material incidents. The program will help people look at hazards, perform a vulnerability assessment and determine preparation and mitigation efforts. It will give them a better understanding of how to prepare, avoid and handle an emergency, she said.

"If people take control of planning, observation and reporting things that don't look right, they are taking ownership of their surroundings," she said. "They need to stay attuned, report things that don't feel right and let the professionals sort it out. I want people to recognize that they are part of the process."

She said she wants University employees to get a sense of the ongoing emergency planning.

"They may decide they need some training and take some community courses or classes, make plans for their families and work out their own procedures," she said.

The more people know, the better prepared they will be, she said.

"Each of us is important in this process and it is important that people understand how important their contribution is," Sidebottom said.

Employees on both the academic side and the Medical Center must complete the training.

Academic employees should follow these directions to access the course:

1. Go to
2. Click on "Enter Integrated System Applications Here."
3. Read the System News and then close the System News window.
4. Click on the "Go" button to the right of "Production and Self-Service."
5. Enter your username and password and click on the log-in button.
6. Click on "UVA Employee Self-Service."
7. Click on "Learner Home."
8. In the "Browse Catalog" list on the right, click on "Online Training." (Alternatively, type "Emergency" in the "Course Name" field at the top and click the "Go" button.)
9. Click on "Emergency Preparedness."
10. Click on the "Offering Name," "Emergency Preparedness."
11. Click on the icon on the right to enroll in the class.
12. Click on the "Apply" button. (You will see fields for the enrollment details – the PTAO information – but since there is no fee associated with this class, these fields are not applicable.)
13. Click on the "Play" button.

Medical Center employees will complete this training via NetLearning; when they log in to NetLearning, this module will appear on their 'CBLs To Do' list.

Employees have until Dec. 1 to complete the online module, estimated to take about 30 minutes to complete. Employees with questions are asked to contact the Office of Emergency Preparedness at