U.Va. Health System, National Kidney Foundation to Hold Free Kidney Screening

March 8, 2010 — Kidney disease sneaks up on most of the people who suffer from it. Typically, the disease advances to the chronic state without any outward symptoms. Tragically, it is diagnosed after permanent damage has already occurred.
That's why the University of Virginia Health System is encouraging area residents to attend a free kidney health screening Saturday. Working in partnership with the National Kidney Foundation, a team of U.Va. Division of Nephrology doctors, nurses and staff members are conducting the event from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Carver Recreation Center at 223 4th Street NW (across from Staples) in Charlottesville.
"When patients first develop symptoms of kidney disease, they often include generalized weakness, some puffiness around the eyes and some swelling of their hands and feet," Dr. Rasheed Balogun, associate professor of medicine, said. "Unfortunately, these can be minor and the disease can go for years before the symptoms become truly noticeable."
People in certain groups have a high risk of developing chronic kidney disease and should have an annual screening exam. Balogun said those groups include: people who have diabetes, high blood pressure and/or a family history of kidney disease; senior citizens; and everyone who is of African-American, Hispanic, Native American or Pacific Islander lineage.
For information or to register, call 434-924-5504.