UVA Lands a Whopping 404 Student-Athletes on ACC Academic Honor Roll

The University of Virginia’s new director of athletics, Carla Williams, said she couldn’t be more pleased with the news that UVA has landed a whopping 404 students on the 2017-18 Atlantic Coast Conference Academic Honor Roll, announced July 6.

“I think it is phenomenal for more than 50 percent of our student-athletes to have made the honor roll,” Williams said. “It is a testament to the fact that our student-athletes come here as very good students and they are very diligent once they are here as student-athletes.

“They also have some very committed staff people in place to help support them. It also inspires me to help figure out ways that we can provide them with even more support and resources so that they can do even better.”

The Honor Roll comprises student-athletes who participated in a varsity-level sport and registered a grade-point average of 3.0 or better for the full academic year.

A total of 42 Cavaliers were recognized for the fourth time during their careers, with two (women’s golfer Ariana Dial and crew team member Georgia Ratcliff) being honored for the fifth time.

The ACC recognized a record 4,650 student-athletes.

During the course of the year, UVA had 84 student-athletes named to ACC All-Academic teams.

Here is the full list, in alphabetical order, of UVA’s ACC Academic Honor Roll honorees:

Name (Times on Academic Honor Roll), Sport

Andrew Cole Abbott (1), Baseball
Robin Emeka Afamefuna (2), Soccer
Mark Aitken (1), Lacrosse
Anthony Alexander Albracht (3), Swimming
Sophie Elizabeth Alecce (3), Lacrosse
Thomas Henry Amabile (2), Cross Country, Track and Field
Zachary Paul Ambrosino (1), Lacrosse
Chino Anukwuem (1), Volleyball
Jackson Warner Appelt (1), Lacrosse
Steven Andrew Atkinson (1), Wrestling
Ju Hee Bae (3), Golf
Elizabeth Lee Baker (1), Tennis
Jade Briana Baker (3), Track/Field
Ryan O'Connor Baker (1), Swimming
Peyton Elizabeth Baldwin (1), Swimming
Kiley Susan Banker (2), Volleyball
Hannah Elizabeth Barcus (1), Volleyball
Daniel Barir Jensen (3), Soccer
Lila Stevenson Barker (1), Lacrosse
Joseph O'Keefe Barnum (1), Swimming
Mia Terese Barron (2), Track/Field
Patrick James Beck (1), Baseball
Kasey Behr (2), Lacrosse
Joe Zen Robert Bell (1), Soccer
Averi Bent (1), Field Hockey
Drew Blakely (2), Baseball
Quin Blanding (1), Football
Hunter Bleser (1), Tennis
Joseph Anthony Blount (1), Football
Marija Bogavac (2), Track/Field
Samuel Loren Book (1), Wrestling
Kiera Elizabeth Bothwell (1), Track/Field
Anthony James Bouselli (3), Track/Field
Spencer Bozsik (1), Tennis
Beau Christopher Bradley (1), Soccer
Elizabeth Brandon (3), Soccer
Andrew Waverly Brown (1), Football
Grace Kathryn Mauli Ola Brown (1), Rowing
Luke Samuel Brugel (2), Lacrosse
Cameron Glenn Brummitt (1), Baseball
Jamey Lin Bulloch (1), Rowing
Ryan Buscaglia (1), Track/Field
Evan Charles Butts (4), Football
Emma Helwig Call (2), Cross Country
Charlotte Hancock Campbell (2), Lacrosse
Chase Willis Worthington Campbell (2), Lacrosse
Bjorn Alexander Carlson (1), Golf
Logan Thomas Carrington (3), Track/Field
Brendan Patrick Casey (2), Swimming
Alexa Elizabeth Cestaro (1), Rowing
Nathan Chuwait (2), Golf
Connor Chase Cinquegrana (1), Lacrosse
Joseph Alan Clark (2), Swimming
Charles Frederick Cody (4), Baseball
Tilden Lester Coleman (3), Football
Grace Elizabeth Comerford (1), Rowing
Jared Conners (1), Lacrosse
Ryan Michael Conrad (3), Lacrosse
Malcolm Jamal Cook (1), Football
Caitlin McKay Cooper (4), Swimming
Rachel Ruth Corry (1), Golf
Brian Michael Courtney Jr. (1), Wrestling
Katherine Joy Covington (1), Softball
Tanner Drew Cowley (1), Football
Hannah Cregg (2), Field Hockey
Nathaniel Crofts (1), Soccer
Tabetha Arlene Dabney (1), Softball
Michael Christian D’Amario (3), Lacrosse
Alice Louise Darry (3), Rowing
Elizabeth Terrill Davidson (1), Track/Field
Allison Michelle Davis (4), Softball
Nadine de Koning (4), Field Hockey
Robert Jude Dehney Jr. (1), Lacrosse
Brian Joseph Delaney (1), Football
Theresa DeMaria (2), Track/Field
Zak Germain DePasquale (4), Wrestling
Luke Thomas Desperito (1), Lacrosse
Ariana Estelle Hughes Dial (5), Golf
Max Diamond (2), Soccer
Rachel Miriam Dick (4), Rowing
Anna Marie Dickinson (2), Swimming
Lillian Grace DiNardo (3), Lacrosse
Jacob Thomas Dixon (2), Track/Field
Theo James Damon Dol (1), Lacrosse
Irakoze Donasiyano (1), Soccer
Erin Marie Dubas (1), Rowing
Sydney Jane Dusel (2), Swimming
Erin Cheryl Earley (1), Swimming
Eryn Nicole Eddy (1), Swimming
Oghenakpobo Efekoro (2), Track/Field
Shane Andrew Eilers (1), Football
Katharine Mary Rose Eiselt (1), Track/Field
Greta Ell (1), Field Hockey
Jordan Marquis Ellis (1), Football
Matthew John Emery (1), Lacrosse
John Michael English (3), Football
Calvin Cleardis Epps III (2), Football
Andrew John Ernst (1), Cross Country
Anna Fairs (1), Rowing
John Mansfield Falk Jr. (4), Lacrosse
Tyler Foster Fannin (1), Football
Haley Fauntleroy (4), Volleyball
Camille Andree Favero (1), Tennis
Carly Peck Feyerabend (2), Track/Field
Jacob Joseph Fieler (1), Football
Julia Meehgan Ford (2), Golf
Hayes Benjamin Fountain (4), Soccer
John Cooper Fox (1), Lacrosse
Nikki Freeman (3), Field Hockey
Katherine Elizabeth Freix (4), Track/Field
Matthew Joseph Gahm (1), Football
Kirk Quentin Garner II (1), Football
Jessica Morgan Geller (1), Track/Field
William Broughton Gent (1), Basketball
Peter Lukas Georgiadis (4), Swimming
John Joseph Gerstenmaier (1), Baseball
Briana Lyn Gess (1), Track/Field
Tristan Lynn Gess (1), Swimming
Raeann Michelle Giannattasio (1), Track/Field
James Wheeler Gibson (1), Lacrosse
Colette Theresa Glass (1), Rowing
Caroline Casey Gmelich (1), Swimming
Eva Bryce Gobourne (2), Rowing
Daniel Kenneth Golczewski (1), Swimming
Brandon Thomas Goldstein (3), Swimming
Morgan Alexa Gonzales (2), Golf
Melody Gordon (2), Rowing
Mitchell Gordon (2), Lacrosse
Alissa Marie Gorzak (2), Soccer
John Thomas Graass (2), Cross Country
Carter Elizabeth Green (1), Track/Field
Landon Taraska Greene (1), Lacrosse
Mary Elizabeth Lee Greer (2), Rowing
Thomas Robert Gresham (1), Lacrosse
Nash R. Griffin (2), Football
Gabrielle Anna Grob (1), Rowing
Trevon Dyrel Gross Jr. (1), Basketball
Bridget Antionette Guy (2), Track/Field
Jessica E. Gvozdas (2), Swimming
Kenneth Joel Hagen (4), Cross Country
Ana Elizabeth Hagerup (4), Lacrosse
Kiana Aliya Hairston (3), Track/Field
Devon Howard Hall (1), Basketball
Daniel Augustine Hamm (3), Football
Katherine Elizabeth Harper (2), Golf
Chesdin Reid Harrington (2), Baseball
Cory Daniel Harris (4), Lacrosse
Katharine Hastings (1), Rowing
Anna Caroline Hauser (2), Lacrosse
Lauren Hausheer (1), Field Hockey
Beth Kathryn Rose Hawling (2), Cross Country
Maho Hayakawa (3), Golf
Louis John Hayes (2), Wrestling
Olivia James Hazelrigg (4), Soccer
Ethan Wilson Heckler (1), Baseball
Adrian Nicole Hendlin (4), Rowing
Alana Nadine Herran (2), Track/Field
Morgan Hill (2), Swimming
Tristan Hillerich (1), Football
Christian Hlinka (1), Baseball
Claire Christine Hodges (1), Golf
Mia Hoen-Beck (2), Soccer
Scott Hooper (3), Lacrosse
Trevor Hopper (1), Cross Country
Jane Elizabeth Horner (2), Volleyball
Elizabeth Jane Hudson (4), Rowing
William Walter Hudson (1), Lacrosse
Aliyah Huland El (2), Basketball
Lyndsey Denise Hunnell (2), Golf
Laurel Carolyn Ivory (1), Soccer
Emmanuel Charles Jackson (1), Track/Field
Mary Griffin Jackson (1), Lacrosse
Wina Terrell Jana (1), Football
Liam Robert Jenkins (1), Soccer
Rosie Johanson (1), Tennis
Corey Elizabeth Johnson (4), Swimming
Nigel Armoni' Johnson (1), Basketball
Brittany Jones (1), Track/Field
Hilmar Orn Jonsson (2), Track/Field
Austin Katstra (1), Basketball
Jacob Keating (1), Wrestling
Henry Carr Keel (2), Swimming
Thomas Reed Kellam (2), Football
Meghan Kelley (2), Tennis
Daniela Caterina Kelly (4), Lacrosse
Brian Kennerly (1), Wrestling
Hana Kerner (3), Soccer
Molly Anne Keshin (1), Softball
Rachel Therese Keshin (1), Softball
Frederick Henry Kessler (1), Soccer
Mackenzie King (3), Rowing
Timothy Jeremiah Kitts (1), Football
Ari Joseph Klau (1), Track/Field
Jalen Marie Knight (1), Lacrosse
Benjamin Paul Knutson (1), Football
Sarah Lian Kolodzik (3), Golf
Kyle William Kology (1), Lacrosse
Gust George Kouvaris Jr. (1), Swimming
Michael Kelly Kraus (2), Lacrosse
Gabriela Raquel Kulesz (2), Rowing
James Bradley Kurtz (1), Soccer
Maryanna Callahan Lansing (2), Cross Country
Veronica Latsko (4), Soccer
Patrick Hogan LeMoine (1), Lacrosse
Ciara Alexis Leonard (3), Track/Field
Morgan Elizabeth Lewis (1), Track/Field
Elizabeth Ann Lillie (1), Golf
Haley Lind (1), Volleyball
John Robert Lint (4), Track/Field
Aswin Lizen (2), Tennis
Heidi Clare Long (3), Rowing
Andrea Loynaz (3), Lacrosse
Carrera Lucas (4), Field Hockey
Kaitlin Mary Luzik (1), Lacrosse
Daniel Aloysius Lynch IV (1), Baseball
Jordan Tyler Mack (2), Football
Georgia Mackenzie (2), Cross Country
Paige Madden (1), Swimming
Annaugh Claire Madsen (4), Soccer
Samuel Patrick Magnan (1), Swimming
Marcella Keating Maguire (1), Swimming
Edward Wade Maloney (1), Lacrosse
Jennifer Patricia Marrkand (3), Swimming
John Michael Marsella (4), Cross Country
Lauren Martin (2), Lacrosse
Phebe Elizabeth Martin (1), Rowing
Doria Lee Martingayle (1), Track/Field
Samuel Raines Martino (2), Wrestling
Madison Anne Masloff (1), Track/Field
James McKinnon Massie (1), Golf
Sydney Morgan Mathis (1), Swimming
Caitlin Mautz (3), Track/Field
Meghan McCool (2), Soccer
John Francis McDonald Jr. (4), Football
Michael Lawrence McDonald (1), Football
Izzy McDonough (3), Field Hockey
Graham Andrew McGowan (1), Baseball
Kelly Lynn McKee (2), Track/Field
Matthew Balen Merric (1), Football
Connor Matthew Messick (3), Golf
Alexis Mettler (1), Softball
Mackenzie Zane Sullivan Meyer (1), Baseball
Filip Mihaljevic (4), Track/Field
Emily Miller (1), Field Hockey
Jack Patrick Miller (1), Wrestling
Kelsey Lee Miller (1), Volleyball
Corey Michael Millhouse (1), Lacrosse
Bailey Elizabeth Mills (1), Swimming
David Hayden Mitchell (1), Football
Kyle Robert Mollica (1), Lacrosse
Harry Lee Monroe (1), Cross Country
Matthew Glenn Moore (1), Lacrosse
Hannah Nicole Moran (1), Track/Field
Megan Julia Moroney (1), Swimming
Tanner Morris (1), Baseball
Zoe Anne Morse (2), Soccer
Lauren Moses (3), Basketball
Ethan Moszkowski (1), Tennis
Samantha Nicole Mueller (4), Lacrosse
Emily Rose Mulhern (3), Cross Country
Michael Murphy (2), Wrestling
Alexandra Natale (1), Rowing
Randall James Neish (1), Cross Country
Colleen Norair (1), Field Hockey
Sergi Nus Casanova (2), Soccer
Nathaniel Oluwamayokun Odusote (3), Soccer
Simeon Okoro (1), Soccer
Erika Osherow (3), Softball
Isabel Nicole Ott (1), Rowing
Tessa Otting (1), Rowing
Matthew James Otto (1), Swimming
Brandon Alfred Outlaw (1), Track/Field
John Marcelo Pace (3), Cross Country
Anna Hoff Pang (1), Swimming
Kirsten Nicole Parkinson (3), Swimming
Katharine Kelia Patrick (1), Golf
Marissa Ann Patrick (4), Softball
Gladimir Paul (1), Football
Drew Allen Peck (1), Wrestling
Jon Henry Callahan Peele (1), Lacrosse
Sophie Morgan Pennoyer (1), Rowing
Garrett Thomas Peppelman (4), Wrestling
Matthew Gary Pinson (1), Baseball
Lawson Thomas Pisani (2), Lacrosse
Megan Jessie Plain (2), Lacrosse
Nace Plesko (1), Track/Field
Christian Pluchino (1), Football
Rachel Politi (3), Swimming
Edward Ashton Poole Jr. (2), Golf
John Paul Powers (2), Football
Ryan Anders Pride (1), Lacrosse
Jillian Elise Quevedo (1), Lacrosse
Teodora Radosavljevic (1), Tennis
William Clayton Railey (4), Lacrosse
Carolina Ratcliff (2), Rowing
Georgia Kimball Ratcliff (5), Rowing
Megan Ruth Rebholz (4), Cross Country
Anna Redding (3), Golf
Reagan Stratton Redman (2), Rowing
Joseph William Reed (2), Football
Laine Kathryn Reed (1), Swimming
Megan Elizbeth Reid (4), Soccer
Dillon Jeffrey Reinkensmeyer (2), Football
Madelin Grace Rennyson (1), Track/Field
Alexander Ritschard (2), Tennis
Rachel Robinson (1), Field Hockey
Alexander W. Rode (1), Lacrosse
Blake Orray Rohm (1), Baseball
Donovan Terrell Rolle (1), Football
Dina Jude Rommel (3), Swimming
Jerome Romualdez (1), Tennis
Samantha Rosette (2), Soccer
Morgan Alexandra Rosts (3), Rowing
Jacob Sadeh (1), Lacrosse
Garrett William Schany (2), Wrestling
Robert Joseph Scherer (2), Wrestling
Olivia Jane Schildmeyer (1), Lacrosse
Frances Leila Schmiede (1), Cross Country
Frederick Theodore Schubert III (2), Swimming
Caroline Katherine Scrafford (1), Volleyball
Harley Elizabeth Sebastian (3), Volleyball
Emma Seiberlich (1), Swimming
Erin Shanahan (1), Field Hockey
Ian Bryce Shelton (2), Swimming
William Alexander Shifflett (2), Football
Alfred Manuel Shirley III (1), Track/Field
Avery Miles Shoemaker (1), Lacrosse
Steven Max Siegfried (1), Golf
Elizabeth Jordan Sieracki (2), Soccer
Cameron Simmons (1), Baseball
Alex Slabbert (1), Rowing
Heskin Lashawn Smith Jr. (1), Football
Lacy Ryan Smith (3), Softball
Carl Soderlund (2), Tennis
Joseph Henrik Spaziani (3), Football
Alexandra Marie Spencer (1), Volleyball
Griffin Sawyer Spolansky (2), Lacrosse
Mackenzie Ann Springer (4), Rowing
Cameron Stafford (1), Lacrosse
Clayton James Stalker (1), Football
Eleanor Grace Stewart (1), Rowing
Katrina Strash (1), Rowing
Isabella Morreale Strickler (2), Rowing
Stella Smith Styslinger (1), Rowing
Holly Ann Sullivan (1), Track/Field
Anna Elizabeth Sumpter (2), Soccer
Erica Lynne Susi (3), Tennis
Montana L. Sutton (3), Soccer
Haley Swanson (4), Rowing
Vivian Tafuto (3), Swimming
Mary Tansill (1), Swimming
Kathy Tao (1), Rowing
Alexander Richmond Tappen (1), Baseball
Sarik Omer Tara (2), Swimming
Margaret Olivia Taylor (1), Rowing
William Marshall Thomas (1), Baseball
Carolyn Topps (1), Field Hockey
Taryn Layne Torres (1), Soccer
Kylie Paige Towbin (2), Swimming
Madison Traver (1), Softball
Richard Benjamin Trent (2), Football
Elizabeth Brown Trull (2), Rowing
Braedon Ross Urie (4), Football
Kyla Susana Valls (1), Swimming
Dominique  van Slooten (2), Field Hockey
Rachel Vander Kolk (3), Lacrosse
Saurav Velleleth (1), Track/Field
Tara Vittese (1), Field Hockey
Gerrik Vollmer (1), Football
Carolyn Vona (1), Rowing
Madeleine Kaye Vonderhaar (1), Swimming
Daniel James Walker (4), Golf
Timothy John Walsh Jr. (1), Wrestling
Thomas DeBerry Walsh (3), Golf
Leo Wang (1), Swimming
Kyle Richard Ward (2), Swimming
Carrie-Anne Warner (1), Rowing
Jacqueline Wasilko (1), Lacrosse
Hannah Dianne Watson (2), Rowing
Chase Weaverling (4), Cross Country
Jack Bryant Weiller (1), Baseball
Isabel Weiss (3), Rowing
Louis Willcox West (1), Track/Field
Brianna Maureen Westrup (1), Soccer
Reilly Ashton White (1), Rowing
Kyle Whitten (1), Baseball
Henrik Wiersholm (4), Tennis
Catharina Wiersma (2), Rowing
Cecelia Anne Williams (4), Swimming
James Williams (2), Track/Field
Louise Elizabeth Williamson (1), Lacrosse
Catesby Willis (2), Field Hockey
Jordan Kristopher Willis (1), Track/Field
Jocelyn Willoughby (2), Basketball
Alexis Woodley (1), Track/Field
Jasmine Meili Wright (3), Soccer
Kathryn Marie Young (3), Volleyball
Becca Zamojcin (4), Field Hockey
Janelle Elizabeth Zellars (2), Softball
Davion Zeno (1), Football
Maria Janine Zeris (1), Rowing
Taylor Marie Ziemer (2), Soccer
Alecia Janelle Zwicker (4), Rowing

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