UVA Want Ads Now Available on Collab

Feb. 19, 2008 — UVA Want Ads on Collab debuted on December 19th, 2007, following the official closing of the University’s Usenet groups.  Since that date, more than 900 University community members have joined this vibrant group.

UVA Want Ads allows University community members to:

•    Offer items for sale
•    Post notices about UVA community events
•    List rental and “for sale” housing
•    Post “Wanted to Buy” requests
•    Interact with other members of the University community in a positive way

Collab UVa-administered and access is restricted to UVA community members and collaborators.   UVA Want Ads is free of commercial ads – only community ads and announcements are permitted. 

To Join UVA Want Ads on Collab:

1.    Browse to: https://collab.itc.virginia.edu/portal
2.    Click the UVa Login button.
3.    Enter your computing ID and password for one of the types of accounts listed on the    
    NetBadge authentication screen
              • Hint: Use the first part of your email address (aliases won’t work)
4.    On the My Workspace tab, click on Membership in the lefthand column
5.    Click on “Joinable Sites” at the top of the view.
6.    Find UVa Want Ads in the list of joinable sites.
7.    Click the "join" link under the site title to join the site.
8.    Navigate to the UVa Want Ads site in the blue site navigation bar.
9.    Use the Want Ads link in the left menu to read and post ads!

COMM School users:
You may use your  Eservices password in order to use it to authenticate to Collab via NetBadge.  If you don’t know it, or have forgotten it, you may access it through: