Video: A Purpose Like Ours Lasts a Lifetime

September 03, 2018

Where were you for your first UVA game? Were you in the stands, arm-in-arm with fellow Wahoos, belting out the Good Old song? Or were you on the field, pushing yourself and your teammates to go faster and further, chasing victory?

Wherever you were – field, court or stands – odds are, you remember. Because being a Wahoo means being part of something that lasts a lifetime, part of a collective and uncompromising effort to come together, shatter expectations and blaze new paths.

Check out the video above and celebrate what it means to be a Wahoo.

And, for a bonus, see what it was like for President Jim Ryan as he entered the stadium to flip the coin before the Cavaliers’ 42-13 rout of the University of Richmond on Saturday, his first home football game as UVA president.

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