‘We Will Always Be ’Hoos Together’: UVA Athletes Offer Message of Unity

August 13, 2018

The University of Virginia’s student-athletes have long given ’Hoos plenty of reasons to come together, whether on Grounds or around the world.

There is the pride that comes with winning a national championship (or 25 of them). There is the joy of a buzzer-beating 3-pointer (thanks, De’Andre Hunter) and the thrill of watching ’Hoos succeed in the NFL, the NBA, the World Cup, Major League Baseball, and so much more.

More than any one moment, though, there is reassurance in watching ’Hoos from all walks of life come together on and off the field, in wins and in losses. On Monday, after a tough weekend in Charlottesville, UVA Athletics gave us a little reminder of that feeling with the video above.

It summarizes the #HoosTogether campaign launched by student-athletes and coaches a year ago, immediately after white supremacists marched on Grounds on Aug. 11, 2017. The goal, then and now, is to spread a message of unity, love, diversity and inclusion, on the field and off.

Check out the video above to hear from UVA’s student-athletes and from some of the newest faces around the University, President James E. Ryan and Director of Athletics Carla Williams.

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Caroline Newman

Senior Writer and Assistant Editor of Illimitable Office of University Communications