Winners Announced for U.Va. Art Museum's 2011 Writer's Eye Competition

January 10, 2012

January 10, 2012 — The University of Virginia Art Museum has selected the winners of Writers Eye 2011.

The program challenges writers of all ages to use visual art as inspiration for the creation of original poetry and prose. Contestants submitted original writings inspired by one of 15 pieces selected for the competition from the museum's permanent collection and visiting exhibitions. After conducting tours for more 3,000 students and adults, the museum received 1,464 entries to the competition.

Each year, the first-, second- and third-place winning entries are published in an anthology. The full-color, 72-page book will be available for purchase at the museum on March 25.

Now in its 24th year, the program is supported by gifts from Shirley French, Edith Warner and the Daniel M. and Wilma T. Horner Foundation, the Robert Earll McConnell Foundation, the Thomas L. Piper Education Endowment, and the U.Va. Art Museum Volunteer Board.

Entries are judged in four age groups: grades 3-5 (elementary school), 6-8 (middle school), 9-12 (high school) and university/adult.

Author John Casey, the Henry Hoynes Professor of English in U.Va.'s College of Arts & Sciences, and poet Kevin McFadden, chief operating officer at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, judged this year's high school and university/adult categories. The elementary and middle school judges were Stephen Margulies, museum guest curator; Molly Minturn, a senior writer, U.Va. Office of Public Affairs; Geraldine Kruger, Barbara Fuhrman; Erin James; Susan Washko; Susan Guerrant; Proal Heartwell; Mark Collins; Michele Kellermann and Heather Burns.

Judging is blind, with authors' names removed from the work prior to delivery to the judges. The students receiving awards attend schools located in the cities of Charlottesville and Staunton, and Albemarle, Orange and Nelson counties. 

An awards ceremony and reception will be held on March 25.

Poetry division winners: 

• Elementary School – First place: Abigail Crane, Brownsville Elementary; second place: Eloise Davis, V.L. Murray Elementary; third place: Lucie Oechslin, T.C. McSwain Elementary; honorable mentions: Bella Romberger, Tandem Friends School; Kyle Cooper, Broadus Wood Elementary; Ari Stith, V.L. Murray Elementary.

• Middle School – First place: Samuel Crowell, Burley Middle; second place: Alexandra King, Village School; third place: Virginia M. Kilbourne, Shelburne Middle; honorable mentions: Aaron Tamblyn, Buford Middle; Ella Chin, Peabody School; Mollie Pepper, Buford Middle; Meredith Hooper, Village School.

• High School – First place: Cyrus Entezam, Albemarle High; second place: Clio Angle-Davis, Charlottesville High; third place: Zoe Sorensen, Charlottesville High; honorable mentions: Katherine Hamar, Murray High; Jordan Davis, Charlottesville High, Kelci Straka, Albemarle High; Sydney Thomas, Charlottesville High.

• University/Adult ¬– First place: Reed Nessler; second place: Alison Landry; third place: Heidi Johannesen Poon; honorable mentions: Mary Donovan, U.Va.; Megan Mullaney, U.Va.; Stephanie Luu, U.Va.

Prose Division winners:

• Elementary School – First place: Chloe Hellerman, Rockfish River Elementary; second place: Arlo Bloom, Field School; third place: Sarah Leonard, V.L. Murray Elementary; honorable mentions: Camille Hoke, Agnor-Hurt Elementary; Meilin Gregg, Agnor-Hurt Elementary; Brandon Caramanis, Cale Elementary; Emma Adams, T.C. McSwain Elementary.

• Middle School – First place: Mary Stelow, Village School; second place: Marnie Slawson, Burley Middle; third place: Marie Ungar, Sutherland Middle; honorable mentions: Kia Wassenaar, Burley Middle; Hayley McGhee, Grymes Memorial, Claire McKenney, Village School.

• High School – First place: Sarah Purow-Ruderman, Charlottesville High; second place: Meg Russell, Charlottesville High; Aidan Pearce, Charlottesville High; honorable mentions: Logan Hall, Charlottesville High; Jane Hornsby, Charlottesville High; Ryan Murphy; Charlottesville High; Zach Weber, Albemarle High.

• University/Adult ¬– First place: Charlotte S. Wood; second place: Jocelyn Johnson; third place: Courtney Hartnett, U.Va.; honorable mentions: Jody Hobbs Hesler; Gary Kessler and Kaitlin Lohrmann, U.Va.

For information regarding Writer's Eye, contact the U.Va. Art Museum Education Department at 434-243-2050.

— By Jane Ford

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Jane Ford

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