YouTube Debate Shows Changing Role of Internet in Political Process

November 27, 2007
Nov. 27, 2007 — Republican presidential candidates will participate in the second presidential debate ever to be broadcast live over the Internet on Wednesday, Nov. 28.

The CNN/YouTube Republican Debate will feature pre-recorded video questions submitted by the public, typically recorded on low-cost webcams, a format pioneered at the CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate held in July. These debates, along with numerous candidacy announcements made via videos posted on candidate Websites, are the latest examples of the still-growing role of the Internet in politics.

According to USA Today, the Republican YouTube Debate has drawn nearly 5,000 video questions, up from approximately 3,000 submissions for the Democratic debate.

In this three-minute video, University of Virginia politics professor Paul Freedman gives an overview of the growing role of online communication in American politics.

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