Todd Sechser specializes in nuclear security issues and coercive diplomacy; Brantly Womack focuses on power dynamics between large and small countries. See what they have to say about the historic summit. more >
Robert F. Kennedy, a 1951 graduate of the UVA School of Law, was assassinated 50 years ago. In remembrance, here are words from some of his most inspiring speeches. more >
Several internships, his positions with Housing and Residence Life and a recent international January-term course provided some key experiences, all contributing to his successes and procuring his upcoming job with the health care startup, Aledade. more >
Nicaragua native Maria Ernestina Castillo helps international students feel welcome as the Latino Student Network’s president and group “mom.” more >
Part-time employment during her undergrad years led to a full-time hospitality career – and now an MBA. more >
Around Grounds, Idrissa Ndiaye, who grew up between Paris, France and Plano, Texas, has become known for his quiet, humble leadership and dedication to serving others. more >
UVA economist Jonathan Colmer found that the ability of non-agricultural sectors like manufacturing to absorb workers can help manage the economic consequences of agricultural productivity shocks in India. more >
Professors Kieran O’Connor and Amar Cheema used 20 seasons of “Dancing with the Stars” to confirm that judges unconsciously give higher ratings over time – whether judging a dance show, an essay or a product on Amazon. more >