Julia Taylor and Spencer Shanholtz explain why school counselors at the K-12 level play such a crucial role, and why it is vital to continue supporting them during these budget-pinching times.
Dr. J. Javier Provencio, director of UVA’s neuroscience intensive care unit, is part of the Neurocritical Care Society’s “Curing Coma Campaign” and the lead author of new recommendations.
This summer, UVA experts and local educators held conversations and shared practical tips about educational equity in a virtual environment.
From the bedside to the lab bench, UVA clinicians and researchers discuss what they have learned from battling COVID-19, and what old lessons have been reinforced.
Doctors can use a free scoring tool, focusing on metabolic conditions including high blood pressure, cholesterol levels and body fat, to assess risk and help patients avoid strokes.
Cardiologists offer guidance on assessing risks for children and teens recovering from the novel coronavirus.
Amid a global pandemic and nationwide protests, one UVA research project has forged new virtual connections that bring lessons from civil-rights-era teachers to present-day educators.
In a new study, Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service researcher Hamilton Lombard examined the income gap between Black and non-Black Americans living in Virginia.