UVA students visited with top public and private employers in Washington, D.C., including the U.S. Senate, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Brookings Institution, NPR and Atlantic Media. more >
A film award already under her belt, first-year student Michelle Miles is pursuing her creative interests while finding her way at UVA. She just happens to be getting there in a wheelchair. more >
Learning how the South African legal system functions can offer new insights on the American system, the students said. more >
University of Virginia undergraduate and graduate students will research health problems around the world this summer, from examining wound treatment to assessing water filtration systems, through scholarships from the UVA Center for Global Health. more >
Fifty University of Virginia students will use undergraduate research grants to delve into a wide array of topics during the summer. more >
University of Virginia students bring the world into their education; whether comparing how youths learn in China, analyzing soil crusts in Argentina or filtering salt out of water, it’s all part of their undergraduate research. more >
Photo Essay
The Virginia Gentlemen, UVA’s oldest a cappella group, has performed on Grounds countless times, but many don’t know they also sing abroad. They recently reached a milestone, traveling to their seventh continent – Antarctica. more >