A team of analysts and coders tackle the puzzle of monitoring COVID-19 at the University of Virginia, so the University community can keep track of the virus.
The business education publication rated McIntire as tops in the nation for academic experience. The school also earned high marks for admissions standards and employment outcomes.
The funded projects focus on potential treatment options for Parkinson’s disease, celiac disease and epilepsy, as well innovation in the fields of telemedicine and pediatric heart transplant.
The University said the expanded employee saliva tests initially will be administered during walk-in hours at the University’s saliva testing clinics.
No single national blueprint for vaccine distribution presently exists. In Virginia, the Virginia Department of Health is charged with distributing vaccines, and it also determines priority for vaccinations.
The Darden School of Business alumna is the second woman president of the Alumni Association in its 184-year history.
With a planned virtual discussion happening as chaos unfolded at the U.S. Capitol, politics professor Larry Sabato and his guests – some on the scene in Washington, D.C. – helped viewers grapple with what they were seeing.
Also in this roundup: The University’s online programs and School of Law earn top national rankings, a Latinx society hands out its annual honors and academic associations tap two faculty members as fellows.