A Friday webinar looked at the state of the pandemic and the new president’s COVID-19 plans. Get five takeaways from public health experts – and their estimates on when some semblance of normalcy might return.
Since November, a UVA Health team, led by Dr. Jeffrey Gander, has run a program that brings regular deliveries of fresh produce to pediatric patients and families in need.
Michelle Cusimano Vachris, who ranks first in career saves in the women’s lacrosse program, received a prestigious Silver Anniversary Award from the NCAA this month.
Stephen Farmer, vice provost for enrollment, said, “I hope the changes will help students remember there are more ways to demonstrate their strength than just earning a strong test score.”
A team of scientists led by two UVA researchers found that one side of the colon ages faster than the other, but which side ages first differs between people of African and European descent.
A UVA physician’s software that monitors patients to predict clinical problems is helping COVID patients.
People told Batten instructor Brooke Lehmann she would never find bipartisan support for school-based health centers. She didn’t listen.
President Joe Biden asked Americans to come together Wednesday. UVA Democracy Initiative co-directors Melody Barnes and Laurent Dubois look at the hopes and challenges behind his call for unity.