'America's Top Doctors' Names 47 at U.Va. Best in Their Fields

June 1, 2010 — Forty-seven physicians from the University of Virginia Health System have been included in the ninth edition of "America's Top Doctors."

Published annually by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., the guide recognizes physicians who are considered among the top 1 percent in the nation in their medical specialties and sub-specialties.

To be included, doctors must be nominated by their peer physicians. The nomination process involves tens of thousands of board-certified physicians across the nation, as well as presidents, vice presidents of medical affairs (or an equivalent position) and chiefs of service in eight medical specialties from more than 1,000 hospitals across the United States. The guide is designed to help people find the most outstanding specialists to meet their medical needs, on a local, regional or national level.

The U.Va. doctors designated as America's Top Doctors by specialty in 2009 are:

•    Cardiology - Dr. George A. Beller
•    Cardiac electrophysiology - Dr. John P. DiMarco
•    Endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism - Dr. Eugene J. Barrett, Dr. Alan C. Dalkin, Dr. John C. Marshall, Dr. Mary Lee Vance
•    Geriatric psychiatry - Dr. Suzanne Holroyd
•    Gynecologic oncology - Dr. Peyton T. Taylor Jr.
•    Maternal and fetal medicine – Dr. James E. Ferguson II
•    Medical oncology - Dr. Paula M. Fracasso, Dr. William W. Grosh, Dr. Geoffrey R. Weiss, Dr. Michael E. Williams
•    Infectious diseases - Dr. Richard L. Guerrant, Dr. Richard D. Pearson, Dr. W. Michael Scheld
•    Neonatal perinatal medicine - Dr. Robert J. Boyle, Dr. John Kattwinkel
•    Nephrology - Dr. W. Kline Bolton, Dr. Mark D. Okusa
•    Neurological surgery - Dr. Christopher I. Shaffrey, Dr. Mark E. Shaffrey
•    Neurology - Dr. Steven T. DeKosky, Dr. Daryl R. Gress, Dr. Elliott C. Haley Jr., Dr. David Schiff, Dr. G. Frederick Wooten
•    Neuroradiology - Dr. Mary E. Jensen
•    Orthopaedic surgery – Dr. David R. Diduch, Dr. Mark D. Miller
•    Otolaryngology - Dr. Bradley W. Kesser, Dr. Paul A. Levine
•    Pathology - Dr. Stacey E. Mills
•    Pediatric surgery - Dr. Bradley M. Rodgers
•    Physical medicine & rehabilitation - Dr. Paul T. Diamond
•    Plastic surgery - Dr. Raymond F. Morgan
•    Psychiatry - Dr. Randolph J. Canterbury II
•    Radiation oncology - Dr. James M. Larner, Dr. Tyvin A. Rich
•    Surgery - Dr. Reid B. Adams, Dr. John B. Hanks, Dr. Bruce D. Schirmer, Dr. Craig L. Slingluff Jr.
•    Thoracic surgery - Dr. David R. Jones, Dr. Irving L. Kron
•    Urology - Dr. William D. Steers
•    Vascular surgery - Dr. Kenneth J. Cherry Jr.

Additionally, 16 U.Va. faculty physicians are listed in a sister publication, "American's Top Doctors for Cancer," fifth edition. They are:

•    Dr. Reid B. Adams, surgical oncology
•    Dr. Paula M. Fracasso, memotology/oncology
•    Dr. William W. Grosh, hemotology/oncology
•    Dr. John B. Hanks, general surgery
•    Dr. David R. Jones, thoracic surgery
•    Dr. James M. Larner, radiation oncology
•    Dr. Paul A. Levine, otolaryngology - head and neck surgery
•    Dr. Stacey E. Mills, pathology
•    Dr. Tyvin A. Rich, radiation oncology
•    Dr. David Schiff, neurology
•    Dr. Mark E. Shaffrey, neurological surgery
•    Dr. Craig L. Slingluff, surgical oncology
•    Dr. Peyton T. Taylor Jr., gynecologic oncology
•    Dr. Mary Lee Vance, endocrinology and metabolism
•    Dr. Geoffrey R. Weiss, hematology/oncology
•    Dr. Michael E. Williams, hematology/oncology