Bonus On the Way for Academic Employees

Susan Carkeek, the University of Virginia's vice president and chief human resources officer, told U.Va.'s academic employees in an e-mail late Thursday that a one-time bonus would be coming their way later this year.

The text of her e-mail:

By now you have received an email from the Chief of Staff for the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia announcing that the budget surplus for the Commonwealth is at least $220 million, and that the state plans to make a 3% one-time bonus available to all state employees.

We are pleased to announce that all of the University's Classified and University Staff, Teaching & Research Faculty, Administrative & Professional Faculty, and Professional Research Staff hired before June 30, 2010, are eligible for this bonus. This bonus is merit-based for all Faculty and University Staff.
We are developing guidelines for paying the bonuses, which are expected on Nov . 26 for those paid biweekly and Dec. 1 for those paid monthly. We will provide more detailed information to the University community when those guidelines are finalized.
We are entering the third year without state salary increases and understand just how difficult this has been for you. The University's employees are the backbone of our institution and have remained committed to doing outstanding work every day despite these state salary freezes and ongoing budget cuts. We appreciate your dedication to the University during these challenging times.