BOV Committee Approves Darden Student Housing Schematics

March 1, 2024 By Matt Kelly, Matt Kelly,

The Board of Visitors Buildings and Grounds committee approved a schematic design for Darden Student Housing on Thursday, as well as approving the sites for a North Grounds parking garage and a research computing data center at Fontaine Research Park.

Alice Raucher, architect for the University, presented the board with drawings for the proposed Darden student housing. The board previously approved the 2022 Vision Plan to maximize strategic growth on Darden grounds.

The Darden Student Housing project proposes 218 units with 350 beds between two buildings. The units will include studio apartments and apartments with one, two and three bedrooms.

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“Robert A.M. Stern Architects designed the original Darden buildings and designed this housing project to be consistent with Darden’s existing academic structures, while presenting a more residential character,” Raucher said. “The material palette and details for the project are based on the existing Darden buildings, with the brick, paint and trim to match existing.”

Above view of housing plan

Proposed student housing at the Darden School of Business would form an angle around Abbott Center. (Robert A.M. Stern Architects illustration)

Board members also approved the site for a parking garage that would provide approximately 1,000 spaces in an area adjacent to the John Paul Jones Arena. 

The project calls for removing eight of the Copeley Apartments buildings. “These are low-density, aging facilities in which Housing & Residence Life does not want to invest significant maintenance capital,” Raucher said. “At the same time, we are continuing to study providing more student housing on Grounds.”

Topical map of darden housing

A new garage supporting both commuter and event parking is tentatively planned for the northwest corner of Massie and Copeley roads to increase parking spaces. It will be part of a transit hub. (Office of the Architect illustration)

Board members also approved the site for a research computing data center at Fontaine Research Park.

The center’s proposed site is adjacent to the approved Central Energy Plant, which includes an underground closed-loop water system to leverage the center’s substantial heat output, assisting the plant in meeting the park-wide heating demand.

Additionally, the board committee reviewed plans for University Avenue Park at the intersection of Jefferson Park Avenue, University Avenue and West Main Street.

“Although this is a small site at just about one acre, its design presents an amazing opportunity to enhance the landscape as a prominent welcoming ‘gateway’ space,” said Rachel Lloyd, senior landscape architect in the University’s Office of the Architect. “The University will pursue a design for this landscape that represents the deep natural and cultural history of Virginia.”

Digital representation of proposed research center

The proposed Research Computing Data Center would assist research with high-performance computing machines and networking, storage and equipment cabinets. (Office of the Architect illustration)

The University is working to create the design with local landscape architecture firm Wolf Josey and an advisory committee that includes faculty, staff, a representative from the Monacan Nation, a representative from the Native American Student Union and a representative from the Native & Indigenous Relations Community at UVA.

The Board also approved the removal of a 54-year-old pedestrian bridge over Emmet Street that does not meet Americans With Disabilities Act standards. The pedestrian bridge was made obsolete by the newly completed Walker Bridge at Contemplative Commons. 

Beautiful digital image of landscape plans

Landscape designers are considering options for a roughly one-acre “gateway” space near the Corner that would represent the deep natural and cultural history of Virginia. (Wolf Josey illustration)

Board members also approved an $11.4 million upgraded heating, ventilation and air conditioning system at the Hereford Residential College. 

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